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How to start Referring

Access Australian Clinical Labs Functional Pathology Services

Our Functional Commercial Clients enjoy;

  •  Bulk supply of kits and pricing schedule at no upfront cost,
  •  Customised and Personalised request slips – available as an editable pdf form
  •  Direct practitioner to patient supply of kits– enabling more efficient consultation and explanation of test use
  •  Freedom to set own retail price when charging patients directly for kits
  •  Monthly invoicing directly to your clinic for tests performed on your patients
  •  E-viewer/reporting portal
  •  An extensive network of Accredited Collection Centres

Please read these instructions before commencing to refer patients:


Email csfp@clinicallabs.com.au  or telephone 1300 554 480 with your expression of interest.


Receive our welcome pack, including your personalized request forms and unique access to online results viewer.  Login Here


For KIT testing

Provide your client with a completed and signed request form and direct them to Australian Clinical Labs, 1300 554 480 or 03 9529 2922 to order and pay for their kit.

Patients will receive their kit within 48 hours, which, when completed, is mailed back to Australian Clinical Labs for analysis.


For BLOOD testing:

Provide your patient with a completed and signed request form and direct them to their nearest Clinical Labs Collection Centre Locations

Bloods will be transported to our laboratory using our extensive courier network.


Results are available to our practitioners by electronic download directly to your practice, and by our online e-viewer.  Hard copy or faxed results may be supplied upon request.


Technical Support is available to practitioners, by calling 1300 554 480. Patients are referred back to their practitioner for results interpretation.