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Surgical Skin Audit Program

Australian Clinical Labs is proud to offer doctors its RACGP and ACRRM approved Surgical Skin Audit Program (2014-2016).

Participating doctors, who refer skin pathology to Australian Clinical Labs are asked to provide a provisional diagnosis on cases submitted for histological evaluation. The provisional diagnoses from all participating doctors are collated statically and used to provide feedback to the participating doctors in the form of an interval summary report. The summary report highlights how accurate your provisional diagnoses are in comparison to your local and national cohort. The findings of the report are designed to make it easier for clinicians to undertake in professional development and refine their diagnostics and collection skills.

Test Information


  • The ability to systematically review their previous diagnosis against current diagnosis
  • The provision of relevant data and feedback to help identify areas for practice improvement
  • The ability to compare personal performance with peers (confidentially).
  • CPD (continuing professional development) contribution (40 points RACGP and 30 ACRRM)
  • Relevant statistical data presented as easy-to-read graphs and tables
  • No minimum number of biopsies required however the relevance of the audit data will be a reflection on the sample size.


Getting Started and How it Works



  • Complete Australian Clinical Labs' Surgical Skin Audit registration form and email it to or fax to (03) 9538 6760.

Submitting Cases for the Audit

  • Once registered, special surgical audit request forms will be sent to your specified address. The forms have been specifically designed so that you they can be used in conjunction with most practice management software packages.
  • When making a pathology request it is important that you record clinical data on the reverse side of the form.

Audit Report

  • At the end of each interval (6 months) you will receive a summary report of your individual performance and peer performance, an evaluation form and a questionnaire.

Gaining CPD Points

  • To be eligible the completed evaluation form and questionnaire must be returned to Australian Clinical Labs.
  • The completed forms will be submitted to the RACGP for your 40 category 1 points or ACRRM 30 PRDP points to be allocated at the conclusion of the 2014-16 Triennium (minimum participation is two time intervals). Proof of continuous improvement of GP skill will need to be demonstrated in order to qualify for the points.

Note: Participation in the program does not guarantee you will receive CPD points. The allocation of points is subject to approval by the RACGP and / or ACRRM.


If you have any further questions please contact your local Client Services Manager, Business Development Manager or email