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Hormone Imbalance in Men

The importance of Hormones

The role of hormones in both men and women is both important and sex-specific. Hormones play a major role in our physical traits, emotional traits, and physiological health… but they are easily forgotten about! A Doctors Health Press article by Jon Yaneff, titled “What is Hormonal Imbalance in Men?” outline the importance of hormones in men and the mental and physical ways male patients can be affected by an imbalance. Ageing as a male is the most natural and common cause of hormonal imbalances in men whereby testosterone levels decline and oestrogen levels progressively incline.

This decline in testosterone can lead to symptoms such as a lack of energy and fatigue, mood changes, osteoporosis, hair loss and muscle weakness. High oestrogen in males may results in symptoms such as prostate cancer, tiredness, infertility, and emotional issues.

BUT there are steps you can take to help improve any hormone imbalances! Outlined in the article are the ways that hormone imbalances can affect your body, and ways that lifestyle choices and other imbalances and illnesses may affect the hormonal balance.

Hormonal imbalance can lead to chronic diseases if left untreated. If a patient is worried about their balance, a simple Baseline Hormone Profile is the best way to start the journey into a more balanced life.

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