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Introducing our new Food Sensitivity testing!

Introducing our new and improved range of Food sensitivity testing!


We are excited to announce the launch of our updated IgG Food Testing –the IgG FoodPrint Plus

We have now increased the range of foods tested in our IgG Food Sensitivity Testing range, making it easier to pinpoint intolerances for a wider range of foods. The new IgG Food Print test also allows the practitioner to choose which foods are tested, allowing for a more personalised report.

This new form of testing will also mean improved turn-around times due to increased efficiencies in the laboratory process.

With our improved method of analysis, food sensitivity testing will now test 40, 60, 120 and 200 foods with additional test options for vegetarians, vegans and even herbs and spices, offering individually tailored results. Results are sent directly to practitioners and are interpreted easily with a colour-coded ‘traffic light’ system.

Please see our full description of each test here.

How do I request a test on my patient?

Ordering a FoodPrint test is easy! New request forms are currently in development and will be distributed to all of our practitioners, however, in the meantime, you can easily order our new FoodPrint tests with your existing request forms! Simply fill the test details in the 'additional notes' section, and direct your patient to simply visit our website to prepay for their test online.  A receipt will be issued immediately from our Shopping Cart, for your patient to take (along with their request form) to their nearest, conveniently located Collection Centre.

How much will the new test cost?

Pricing will be as follows;

Food Sensitivity Profiles Test Request:


Foods 40

$  230.00

Foods 60

$  290.00

Foods 60 Veg

$  290.00

Foods 120  Veg

$  450.00

Foods 120

$  450.00

Foods 160 Veg

$  500.00

Foods 200

$  550.00

Foods Vegan

$  450.00

Foods H&S

$  230.00

 Blood Collection Fee

$    20.00

Please see our full description of each test here.

For additional information call the Functional Pathology team on 1300 55 44 80.