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Clinical Labs and GMHBA finalise 'zero gap' agreement for in hosplital patients

GMHBA members save with Australian Clinical Labs for in hospital pathology services

27 October 2016

GMHBA members will be the beneficiaries of a new agreement between Australian Clinical Labs (Clinical Labs) and GMHBA.

The establishment of a zero-gap billing arrangement between GMHBA and Clinical Labs will ensure no out of pocket payments for pathology tests for GMHBA members while in hospital. Clinical Labs (previously Healthscope Pathology) has acquired St John of God Pathology and commenced operations from 10 October 2016. Patients with inpatient hospital stays from that date will no longer have to pay out of pocket charges for services provided by Clinical Labs under the new Clinical Labs/GMHBA agreement.

“This is an example of a pathology services provider and a health fund working cooperatively and productively for the benefit of patients,” said Clinical Labs Chief Executive Officer, Melinda McGrath. “As a health care provider, we understand the stress our patients are under at times of hospitalisation and we are extremely happy to have this long term arrangement for the benefit of our patients.

“We are building an iconic pathology provider with the patient at the centre of our approach. Affordable, quality and easily accessible pathology services are vital for all Australians and core to the best outcomes in health. This arrangement with GMHBA is the first of what will be many creative cooperations as Australian Clinical Labs extends its business and changes the way pathology is provided for the patient and healthcare professionals”

Other Information 

  • This arrangement is for inpatient pathology services provided by Australian Clinical Labs to GMHBA members who hold an active hospital product.
  • Available to all GMHBA, Frank and Budget Direct Health Insurance members with GMHBA hospital cover. 
  • Ensures no out of pocket costs are charged by Australian Clinical Labs to members of GMHBA Limited and its health insurance brands.
  • There is no restriction on the scale of the claim.

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