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Dr Rosemary Sutton

Qualification: FRCPA, MBBS, MSc.
Lab: Subiaco
Areas Of Interest: Gynaecology, Colorectal, Head & Neck, Dermatopathology
Speciality: Anatomical Pathology

Phone: (08) 9213 2173
Email: rosemary.sutton@clinicallabs.com.au

Dr Rosemary Sutton is a broadly experienced Anatomical Pathologist who, since obtaining her FRCPA in 2014, has worked in both hospital and community settings. Dr Sutton's areas of professional interest and expertise are wide-ranging and entirely suited to the challenging and varied setting of the pathology service provided by Australian Clinical Labs. Rosemary has extensive experience in surgical pathology of solid organ resections and small biopsies including needle core biopsies, skin and endoscopy, gynaecology, cardiothoracic, lymph nodes, urology, breast, head and neck including salivary gland and oral mucosal biopsies. She is the attending pathologist at several multidisciplinary team meetings, with a focus on upper gastrointestinal tract, lung, colorectal, gynaecology and dermatopathology. Since her Master of Science in Medical Molecular Biology (UK 1991), Rosemary has maintained an active interest in the molecular aspects of Anatomical Pathology, which includes extra training in the applications of PDL-1 for tumour treatment.