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Revolutionary Cancer Relapse Detection in a simple blood test





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"Liquid Biopsy: The Revolutionary Aspect of Molecular Oncology"

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The word aspect is defined by a unique view or perspective. Through Aspect Liquid Biopsy, we can offer an unprecedented view of the genetic signatures of cancer relapse, allowing clinicians to catch it early and make the most effective treatment decisions.

Australian Clinical Labs is the first national, private laboratory in Australia to introduce the innovation of Aspect Liquid Biopsy, which uses the latest technology to detect the recurrence of cancer using cfDNA biomarkers for colorectal, lung and melanoma patients.

The process for patients is the same as a standard blood test which is non-invasive, pain free, and saves patients the time and cost of enduring a hospital procedure.

Aspect Liquid Biopsy will assist clinicians and help patients using advanced technology and a Personalised Medicine approach. Precision or Personalised Medicine harnesses genomic knowledge banks to tailor individualised treatments based on patients’, or their tumours’, genetic signatures.

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Early detection is the holy grail of cancer management. The biggest advantage of Aspect Liquid Biopsy is to detect the cancer biomarkers in blood earlier than conventional methods. It has been demonstrated that monitoring for tumour-derived DNA in the plasma can identify relapse or drug resistance well before clinical signs and symptoms appear, enabling earlier intervention and better outcomes.

Surgical tissue biopsies have some inherent shortcomings and risks, as well as not guaranteeing enough material collected for accurate analysis in clinical practice. Liquid biopsy provides a non-invasive alternative sample source, allowing the identification of genomic alterations that can be addressed by targeted therapy. This non-invasive type of liquid biopsy can be taken easily and repeatedly over the course of a patient’s treatment. ctDNA provides new insight into diagnosis, prognosis and patient follow-up compared to traditional tissue biopsy.

Over time, resistant clones may grow out of the tumour containing other variants that were not detected from the initial solid tissue biopsy which makes the information of the genetic makeup of the original tumour historical.

Aspect Liquid Biopsy enables the discovery of those new DNA markers in the blood in real-time, supporting the most effective treatment decisions.

In the future, instead of extensive imaging and invasive tissue biopsies, liquid biopsies could be used to guide cancer treatment decisions and perhaps even screen for tumours that are not yet visible on imaging.


Aspect Liquid Biopsy has been made possible by advances in sequencing the human genome. It has the ability to detect a wide range of common and infrequent somatic mutations with even higher sensitivity and specificity using a simple blood test.

Using the tumour-derived circulating DNA, Aspect Liquid Biopsy allows the detection of the tumour somatic mutations that commonly occur in cancers, enabling the identification of the actionable gene targets (e.g., EGFR in lung cancer, KRAS in colorectal and BRAF in Melanoma), thus correlating with clinical parameters and facilitating diagnosis, monitoring and treatment selection. Other genetic mutations such as KIT, NRAS, PIK3CA and PTEN can also be detected using highly sensitive and specific targeted sequencing techniques.


Associate Professor Mirette Saad,
National Clinical Director of Molecular Genetic Pathology, Australian Clinical Labs

“A Personalised Medicine approach in cancer care is not new. What is new however, is our ability to predict cancer recurrence based on the differences between individuals at molecular levels. This means that we can sub-group, or sub-stratify patients in a more meaningful way, with the potential to modify therapeutic regimes to match their individual genetic profile.”





The test requires two 10ml blood samples which can be taken at any of our collection centres.


Highly sensitive and comprehensive mutation profiling assays using circulating DNA extracted from patients’ blood sample. Our technology, including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Mass Array Agena Biosciences ULTRASeek and Digital PCR, is able to identify clinically relevant variants at a sensitivity down to <0.5% or less.


Results will be available after 5-7 business days from the sample receipt date.


Out-of-pocket fee is $550 (per panel). No medicare rebate available.


Clinical Labs is proud to assist clinicians and help patients using advanced technology and a Personalised Medicine approach. We combine knowledge with high-throughput sequencing technology to improve our diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.

Health Practitioners can order Aspect Liquid Biopsy for cancer patients using the Aspect request form. Some required information is listed on the form, including type of cancer and whether it is a new diagnosis and if the patient is on anti-tumour therapy (if known). Health Practitioners can download the Aspect Liquid Biopsy form below.


To discuss Aspect Liquid Biopsy with A/Prof Mirette Saad, please find her contact details below:
Email: Mirette.Saad@clinicallabs.com.au
Phone: (03) 9538 6777