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Corporate Pathology Services

Australian Clinical Labs is one of Australia’s largest and longest-established service providers. We are committed to providing our corporate clients with the best diagnostic pathology services available.  We work in cooperation with occupational health physicians, unions and employees by providing this service in a sensitive and professional manner.

Let us support your business. Our commercial operations cover all non-Medicare pathology requests and as a trusted provider of services to a wide range of organisations, working across the public and private sectors we are able to provide a wide range of corporate services.

Our position in the health services industry is built on the professionalism of our staff and the efficiency of our processes. As test results are time-sensitive, we provide fast, cost-effective solutions with collection centres located in all major cities.

Environmental Water Testing

Australian Clinical Labs provides a comprehensive water testing service to determine the microbiological quality of a range of waters. With multiple layers of IT result delivery and network of over 900 sample drop off points throughout Australia (excluding QLD and Tasmania) can provide seamless service. We provide environmental water testing services including the detection of:

  • Legionella in industrial waters (eg. Cooling towers, Evaporative Coolers, Ice)
  • E. coli/ Coliforms in portable waters (eg. Spring, Rain, Bore, Dam, Drinking Waters) and effluents
  • Pseudomonas in recreational waters (eg. Spas, Pools, Baths)
  • Total Plate Count in all of the above examples.


Water Testing Results


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