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eOrders - now with Telehealth support

If your practice is using MedicalDirector Clinical version 3.18 or later, Clinical Labs' eOrders now features an add-on that supports your telehealth consultation service.

So now, when you order pathology, eOrders can automatically deliver the electronic pathology request directly to your remote patient, without you having to follow up on the notification. Your patient will receive everything they need to complete their test. 


Our new eOrders update will simplify your Telehealth consultations: 


  • Quick and effortless: eOrders will pre-fill the patient email address from MedicalDirector patient records, and with your confirmation, will automatically send the details direct to the patient.
  • Patient-friendly: your patient will receive a clear and professional email with everything they need to take their pathology test, including the electronic request form, instructions, and a personalised link so they can find a nearby collection centre near their home address.
  • Easy to re-send patient request: if a patient loses their electronic request form, the built-in ‘Resend Email’ function allows you to simply search under previous requests and resend it.

View our new eOrders brochure for more information, including steps on how to activate the eOrders Telehealth function.