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Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program

Diabetes Monitoring Made Easy

At Australian Clinical Labs we understand that the ongoing management of diabetes can be complex, so we offer you the innovative Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program – designed to help you easily manage and monitor your diabetes patients, while also earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Our unique program provides doctors with the support needed to create better outcomes for patients, allowing those who refer diabetes pathology to Australian Clinical Labs to closely monitor the health of their patients with ease. According to the RACGP Clinical Guidelines for General Practice Management of Type 2 diabetes, Hba1c tests should be used to monitor long-term blood glucose control and is a requirement for the annual cycle of care MBS item number. In line with Medicare entitlements, each diabetes patient is eligible for 4 fully funded Hba1c tests per year. Our program highlights known diabetes patients that are more than 6 months overdue for this important monitoring investigation.

Join Thousands Of Doctors Nationwide

Our unique program has already been seamlessly incorporated into the day-to-day practice of thousands of general practitioners nationwide, and has helped those doctors to achieve impressive patient recall results. General practitioners can utilise their program statistics and overdue patient lists to monitor the pathology requirements for their diabetic patients, dramatically increasing patient recall performance.

If you are a current Australian Clinical Labs referrer, simply enrol in the program, and you will be sent monthly progress updates highlighting patients who are due for their recommended bi-annual Hba1c testing. You can even choose to send your patients customised reminder letters through the Clinical Labs mailhouse, all at the click of a button.

Continuity Of Care – Better Outcomes For Your Patients

This unique program seeks to make the clinically recommended monitoring of diabetes seamless for both doctor and patient, creating a consistent and reliable review schedule for people with diabetes. Patients attend the same practice for consultations, follow-ups and blood tests – allowing continuous patient monitoring, treatment and optimisation of care.

Doctors who may not have the administrative support required for the demanding task of following up of patients for review, can use our customised patient reminder service, leaving you with more time for the review consultations – focussing on treatment plans and patient clinical support.

Earn CPD Points

Australian Clinical Labs is a RACGP approved Activity Provider (# 626080) and has 2 Education Activity Representatives (EAR). Therefore, your participation in our exclusive program makes you eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

CPD points will be allocated when evidence of audit activity is demonstrated over 2 intervals. Each interval term is 6 months and activity should include:

  • Diabetes Program Portal access to reflect program engagement
  • Minimum of 20 Hba1c tests referred per interval to generate patient cases for audit within the program (as recommended by RACGP)

To be eligible to obtain RACGP QI & CPD Points, participants must regularly login to the Diabetes Program Portal to monitor reports and recall overdue patients as required. An evaluation survey will be provided for participants to complete at the end of the 12 month program. These activities will be considered towards the program requirements, and when the criteria is met, points will be allocated to the RACGP for 40 Category 1 Points or to the ACRRM for 30 PRDP Points.

Why sign up to our Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program?


  • Dramatically improves patient recall
  • Better health outcomes for patients through improved observation
  • Decreases administrative time and costs
  • Increases your frequency of Annual Cycle of Care item numbers claimed
  • Free optional mailout of patient recall letters with your customised practice logo
  • More time for increased patient consultations
  • Acquisition of CPD points
  • Better continuity of care and improved doctor-patient relationship
  • Monitor your personal progress and performance compared to your state average
  • Real-time access via user friendly Diabetes Program Portal
  • CPD activity support – regular reminders for education


How to register

Registration is quick and easy. You can register online at ehealth.clinicallabs.com.au/harp, email us here diabetes@clinicallabs.com.au or download the registration form with the link below. If you would like a demonstration or a copy of the flyer please contact your Australian Clinical Labs business development manager.