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Aspect Liquid Biopsy - Part One

Introducing our Educational Modules

Watch part one of a two part video series on Aspect Liquid Biopsy presented by Associate Professor Mirette Saad, National Director of Molecular Genetics at Australian Clinical Labs.

This video is approximately 17 minutes in duration.

Aspect Liquid Biopsy

About Associate Professor Mirette Saad

Assoc. Prof. Mirette Saad
National Director of Molecular Genetics at Australian Clinical Labs

Lab: Clayton
Speciality: Chemical Pathology
Areas of Interest: Molecular genetics, precision medicine, cancer genetics, antenatal screening, NIPT, endocrine, fertility testing and research, medical teaching
Phone: (03) 9538 6777
Email: mirette.saad@clinicallabs.com.au

Associate Professor Mirette Saad is a Consultant Chemical Pathologist and the National Director of Molecular Genetics at Australian Clinical Labs. She has a Fellowship with honours in Chemical and Molecular Pathology, with Microbiology sub-speciality, from Suez Canal University, Egypt. A/P Saad received her NHMRC sponsored PhD degree in Cancer Genetics from Melbourne University and Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute. Along with her teaching and research roles, A/P Saad is a registered medical practitioner with AHPRA, a Chemical Pathology Fellow (FRCPA) at the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and a Member of the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (MAACB). She is a Chair of the RCPA Chemical Pathology Advisory Committee, Member of the RCPA Genetic Advisory Committee, AACB and a Chair of the Precision Medicine Services at Australian Clinical Labs. At Clinical Labs, A/Prof Mirette Saad leads the Molecular Genetic testing for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), antenatal screening, personalised drug therapy and cancer.