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Skin Biopsy: Lesions and Inflammation

By Jenny Grew

Biopsies of the skin are generally used to diagnose skin pathologies, but occasionally are used in treatment. This article serves to outline the techniques of biopsy, including: excision (elliptical, saucerisation/ shave, punch), incision, superficial shave, punch and wedge. The type of biopsy a clinician uses is dependent on the pathology of the individual patient. Click the link below to read the full article.

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The National Cervical Screening Program

Changes to the Cervical Screening Program

Since December 2017, the way Australian women are screened for cervical cancer has changed change. The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) have recommended a liquid based collection for HPV DNA testing with a 5 yearly screening interval. Screening will commence at 25 years of age.

Program Brochure

Replacement of the Pap Smear with a Molecular HPV Test

Under the new guidelines, a sample of cells is collected from the cervix into the liquid based specimen vial, which is be analysed to identify the presence of HPV viral DNA at the molecular level.
The pap smear on glass slides are being phased out and will incur a private fee, as the MBS has ceased to cover the cost.


Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program

New this triminium is the diabetes clinical evaluation program offered by Australian Clinical Labs which brings together science and cutting edge technology to create better outcomes for both doctors and people living with diabetes like never before. The Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program allows general practitioners, who refer diabetes pathology to Australian Clinical Labs, to closely monitor the health of their
patients with ease.

Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Reports are issued monthly to all participants, highlighting your performance against the performance of your peers, while maintaining confidentiality of all clinicians. Allocation of CPD points will be considered when evidence of audit activity is demonstrated over 2 (6 month) intervals. Activity should reflect improvements in patient pathology compliance.

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Skin Excision Evaluation Program

Australian Clinical Labs’ program has been renewed and combines the latest scientific and technological advancements to deliver better outcomes for both doctors and patients than ever before. Our Skin Excision Evaluation Program enables general practitioners who refer skin pathology to Australian Clinical Labs to submit their provisional diagnosis on cases in which histological evaluation is needed. Monthly Skin Excision Evaluation Reports will be generated for participants, highlighting performance against the performance of peers, while maintaining confidentiality of all clinicians.

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