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Self-Directed Educational CPD Activities

CPD Requirements for the 2020-2022 Triennium

For the current triennium that concludes 31st December 2022 a minimum of 130 points is required, which must include:

  • 2 x CPD-Accredited Activities (formerly called Category 1) which can be via an RACGP Provider or self-directed.

Clinical Labs offers CPD-Accredited Activities through our Skin Excision Evaluation Program and our Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program. Each of these programs offer 40 CPD points upon completion. 

We also offer
 additional CPD content via our Educational Modules and Clinical Articles, where you can earn 2 CPD points for every hour spent viewing/reading our educational content. Simply log into your RACGP portal and list the time committed to reviewing the clinical content.   

Our newsletters are full of valuable updates and are a great way to top up your final CPD point requirements while gaining clinical insights into pathology testing, presented by our RCPA-accredited pathologists.

See below, and complete your remaining CPD point requirements today!

Watch Educational Modules

Clinical Labs offers a series of Educational Modules presented by our RCPA-accredited pathologists that offer valuable insights and information for medical practitioners. The modules vary in length from 5 to 45 minutes and cover topics including Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, Aspect Liquid Biopsy and Molecular Screening for STIs. Earn 2 CPD points for every hour you spend watching these educational videos. To watch a video now, click the button below.
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Read Clinical Articles 

Clinical Labs offers a complete archive of our Pathology Focus Medical Newsletter for your educational benefit. Earn 2 CPD points for every hour you spend reading the clinical articles written by our RCPA-accredited pathologists. Past articles include Melanoma, Iron Studies, Coeliac Disease, Female Reproductive Hormones and Fertility, Long COVID, New Diabetes Post-COVID and much more. To start reading our clinical articles now, click the button below.
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Self-Recording Your CPD Points

Self-recording is for self-directed or unaccredited education only. 

Before self-recording, please ensure that the activity you're recording is not RACGP accredited.
RACGP accredited activities will be uploaded by the education provider within 30 days of the activity.

You can self-record unaccredited activities by following the instructions below:

  • Log in at racgp.org.au
  • Click on My Account
  • Click My CPD
  • Select Log and the 'Quick log' to record unaccredited activities at 2 points per hour, or you can self-select directed log BLS/CPR and self-directed CPD activities (formerly Category 1)
  • Before submission, ensure you have relevant evidence

What is the difference between a CPD-Accredited Activity and a CPD Activity in 2020-2022?

CPD-Accredited Activity (formerly known as Category 1)
– offers deep learning that extends knowledge to affect change and/or learning that introduces a new knowledge or skill. These activities are at least 4hrs in duration, 2/3 interactive and provide appropriate levels of facilitation to achieve the proposed learning outcomes.

The design of the activity must include assessment of achieved learning outcomes and predisposing/reinforcing activities. All Provider-led CPD-Accredited activities are reviewed by RACGP prior to allocating 40 CPD points to participants.

Clinical Labs offers CPD-Accredited Activities through our Skin Excision Evaluation Program and our Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program. 

CPD Activity (formerly known as Category 2) - offers reinforcement or updating of existing knowledge or skill. These Provider-led activities are eligible for 2 points per hour up to a maximum of 30 CPD points per activity.

Clinical Labs offers two options for Self-Directed CPD Activities with our Educational Modules and Clinical Articles.