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eOrders combined with SMSC

eOrders is an automated request delivery solution which ensures live tracking of requested pathology tests at Clinical Labs. It transfers your patient’s pathology request to the Australian Clinical Labs Information System for seamless integration. e-Orders works with most practice management software available in Australia such as Medical Director & Best Practice, in conjunction with the Secure Medical Services (SMSC) App, it provides you with the ability to track your patients requests and follow up on patients results.

You can print a paper referral for your patient and in addition, e-Orders will log the pathology request with Clinical Labs instantly. Installation is simple with dedicated technical assistance, and essential for every computer where pathology order functionality is required.

eOrders promotes medical excellence through the use of technology to ensure seamless communication between patients, practitioners, medical centres and Clinical Labs.


The eOrders app offers clever features to help you manage your patients’ pathology requests seamlessly and is a real time saver.

• Order pathology tests instantly
• A single click displays your patient list along with requests and results
• Track and receive results in real-time
• No need to follow up on missed tests
• Urgent feature allows you to prioritise pathology requests
• Group tests under a single title
• Create a go-to list with your favourite requests
• Reduce transcription errors with electronic data entry
• Perform 15 functions any time, anywhere


Our eOrders app will conveniently inform your patients of all required tests, including descriptions and preparation details to ensure a successful collection.

• Track patient’s pathology progress
• Sort patients by test type and status
• Check active referrals to Australian Clinical Labs
• Adaptive search function narrows results
• User-friendly design right at your fingertips

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eResults - App

eResults is ideally suited to doctors who work from multiple locations. It allows you to look up any of your patients’ results wherever you are. eResults can be accessed on our website or on the eResults app on your smartphone.

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