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New version of eOrders available now!

We're simplifying the way you order pathology


The new and improved version of eOrders will save you valuable time when ordering pathology by:


  • Allowing you to easily view patient pathology request history
  • Using a predictive search function
  • Intelligently predicting your preferred test combinations
  • Suggesting additional tests, based on the latest recommendations
  • Allowing you to drag and drop any test or recommended group of tests to your 'Favourites' list
  • Allowing you to request that other doctors receive a copy of the results
  • Sending a digital request to Clinical Labs and allowing you to print a copy for your patient


Upgrade today by simply following the 3 easy steps below.
Available for MedicalDirector Clinical 3.18+.

For eOrders information for Best Practice and older versions of MedicalDirector CLICK HERE 



Upgrade to the new version of eOrders in 3 easy steps:

For more detailed instructions please click the 'How to Upgrade' button below. For technical queries call 1300 669 961.

The new version of eOrders is currently only available for MedicalDirector Clinical 3.18+.


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