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Cardiac Testing Services - Clinical Labs WA

Clinical Labs WA currently offers two Holter monitoring options to help you monitor patients presenting with cardiac-related symptoms.  


 Please note: ECG and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring services are coming soon.

myPatch multi-day Holter monitors 

Clinical Labs WA is now offering access to the myPatch Holter Monitor, a modern reusable Holter device providing high-clarity continuous multi-day recording.

Attached in under 30 seconds, the lightweight, showerproof myPatch Holter gives patients the freedom to continue their daily routines while delivering greater clarity and superior results. With no battery recharging or patch changes during testing, myPatch is easy and comfortable for your patients.

What are the benefits of multi-day monitoring?

Data shows that longer monitoring periods increase the chances of detecting first occurrences of various significant arrhythmias. With increasing evidence of atrial fibrillation's contribution to stroke, a multi-day Holter can detect more subtle arrhythmias. It also offers peace of mind that an arrhythmia is unlikely to go unnoticed compared to shorter studies.


Better patient experience 

  • Showerproof and durable
  • No wires and improved comfort
  • Multi-day monitoring
  • Lightweight and long lasting
  • Event marking function


How to order:

Step 1:
 The myPatch Holter can be requested in 3 available study lengths: 24 hrs (1 day), 72 hrs (3 days), and 168 hrs (7 days).
Simply request “mypatch holter” followed by the study length on our general Clinical Labs request form. Example: “mypatch holter – 3 days.”

Step 2: Once your patient has their request form, they can pay and book their fitting online by scanning the QR code or visiting:

Step 3: The Holter monitor is fitted and then returned once the study is complete.

Step 4: The data is sent for review by a cardiac physiologist.

Step 4: A report with a conclusion by a specialist cardiologist is finalised.



Out-of-pocket cost* to patients for myPatch Holter monitoring. 

  • 1 day (24hrs): $230
  • 3 day (72hrs): $260
  • 7 day (168hrs): $320

*Out-of-pocket cost after claiming Medicare rebate. Medicare rebate is $156.75, as of 1st Dec 2023.

Turnaround time:

Your patient's myPatch Holter monitor report will be available approximately 5 business days after the device is returned to the Clinical Labs Collection Centre.

Download Doctor BrochureDownload Patient Brochure
Download myPatch Holter Patient Instructions


5-Lead Holter Monitors  

An electrocardiogram (ECG) only provides a snapshot of cardiac rhythm at a specific moment, whereas arrhythmias may be short-lived, paroxysmal, and even asymptomatic, making documentation challenging in many patients. Holter monitoring has been developed to record cardiac rhythm over a set period of time in patients suspected of having arrhythmias. Holter monitors are the preferred method as they offer a 24-hour window of heart rate changes and can be correlated with symptoms.

Arrhythmia indications for Holter monitoring

  • Cardiac palpitations
  • Unexplained syncope or dizziness
  • Suspected slow heart rhythms
  • Hereditary ‘‘electrical” abnormalities
  • Evaluation of abnormal ECG; ectopy and heart block
  • Cryptogenic stroke evaluation to document paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
  • Assessment of the success of antiarrhythmic or ablative therapy
  • Evaluation of ventricular tachycardia
  • Paediatric monitoring
  • Following acute myocardial infarction
  • Potentially lethal arrhythmias with congestive and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Monitoring cardiac implantable electronic device therapy
  • Chest pain or dyspnoea thought to be associated with arrhythmias


The role of GPs in cardiac testing

Cardiologists prefer that patients presenting with the common warning signs, such as
unexplained dizziness, and slow heart rhythms, undergo Holter monitor
testing from their GP before being 
referred to a specialist. By having the patient
undertake the Holter test while waiting to 
see a cardiologist, the necessary data and
results are already available 
when the patient sees the specialist. This approach shortens
the diagnostic process, enabling the
 cardiologist to make the most informed decision from
the outset.


How to order:

Step 1:
 Complete a Clinical Labs referral form and request 24-hour 5-lead Holter monitor.

Step 2: Patients will need to call a Clinical Labs Collection Centre offering this service to book a time to collect and be fitted with their Holter monitor. Holter monitors are available at select Clinical Labs collection centres. To find the nearest collection centre offering Holter monitors, visit clinicallabs.com.au/location and select ‘Holter’ from the ‘All Facilities’ drop down menu.


In Western Australia, Medicare cardholders are bulk-billed for the first 24 hours. For each additional 24 hours, there is an out-of-pocket cost of $185.50.

Turnaround time:

Your patient’s Holter monitor report will be available within 3 business days from the return of the Holter monitor to the Clinical Labs Collection Centre.

Clinical article

Holter Monitors and their Importance in the Identification of Cardiac Arrhythmias
 by Associate Professor Harry G Mond OAM

Download Doctor BrochureDownload Patient BrochureDownload 5-lead Holter Patient Instructions

To speak to a member of our cardiac services team today, call 1300 134 111 and follow the prompts.