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Warfarin Dosing Program


Australian Clinical Labs offers a dosing service to patients who are on Warfarin. Enrolment in the program is dependent on patient, doctor and laboratory understanding their roles and responsibilities in the agreement below.

Requirements for registration are that the patient or carer has a mobile phone to receive results, the patient is able to understand and follow dosing instructions, for ongoing home visits an assessment will be required.

Ensuring the dose of Warfarin is accurate is paramount to effective management of patients. A patient’s response to Warfarin can be affected by numerous factors including lifestyle, diet, other medication, herbal remedies, vitamins, alcohol, and whether or not Warfarin was taken on time or a dose was missed. Our collection staff will ask questions to enable our Warfarin care doctors to prescribe the correct dose. Warfarin reduces your risk of a clot, but does not eliminate it, if taken incorrectly you can be at risk of haemorrhage even when your INR is within the desired range.

Once a patient is admitted to a hospital, Australian Clinical Labs are not responsible for providing Warfarin care, you will need to re-enrol if you are hospitalised. Patients who are repeatedly non-compliant with Warfarin care instructions may be discharged from the Warfarin Clinic, we will contact your doctor to discuss the situation if this occurs.



Australian Clinical Labs is changing the way you receive your Warfarin dosing instructions to make the process more streamlined and improve the result delivery times. No more waiting in phone queues or for letters. Warfarin dosing instructions will now be sent via SMS to your mobile phone (provided you are within your mobile service provider’s coverage area). You won’t need to worry about writing it down or forgetting your dose, you will have a written record delivered straight to your phone.

Warfarin by SMS



To register your patient in our Warfarin Care Program, please fill in the below form.

Warfarin Dosing Registration Form