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EndoPredict ®

EndoPredict® is a multi-gene test for breast cancer patients. 

Using a specially developed procedure, EndoPredict provides physicians with information to devise personalized treatment plans for their breast cancer patients. The method is based on analysis of tumour genes in combination with the classical prognostic factors of nodal status and tumour size.

In contrast to older multi-gene tests, EndoPredict detects the likelihood of late metastases (i.e., metastasis formation after more than five years) and can thus guide treatment decisions for extended anti-hormonal therapy. Accordingly, therapy decisions backed by EndoPredict confer a high level of diagnostic confidence. EndoPredict was shown to accurately predict cancer-specific disease progression and metastasis in multiple clinical outcome studies with more than 2,200 patients.

EndoPredict is now performed in Australia by Australian Clinical labs. To learn more about EndoPredict please visit www.endopredict.com

For further information, or to enquire about ordering EndoPredict please contact Australian Clinical Labs Molecular department on (03) 9538 2259.

How To Order

  1. Download the request form

  2. Fill in the patients details and clinical history

  3. Tick "EndoPredict" 

  4. Ensure the referring clinician Details are complete

  5. If known, provide the specimen details

  6. If you would like a copy report to be sent, please provide the details of the other clinician

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