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Introducing our new IgG Food Sensitivity testing!

Australian Clinical Labs is excited to announce the newest development in food intolerance testing! We are improving the way we test, increasing the number of foods tested, and reducing the turn-around times for practitioners and patients.

We will now be increasing the range of foods tested in our IgG Food Intolerance Testing making it easier to pinpoint intolerances for a wider range of foods.  The new IgG testing also allows the practitioner to choose which foods are tested, allowing for a more personalised report.

Environmental Water Testing

Clinical Labs provides a comprehensive water testing service to determine the microbiological quality of a range of waters. With multiple layers of IT result delivery and network of over 900 sample drop off points throughout Australia (excluding QLD and Tasmania) can provide seamless service. We provide environmental water testing services including the detection of:

    Legionella in industrial waters (eg. Cooling towers, Ice)

    E. coli/ Coliforms in portable waters (eg. Spring, Rain, Bore, Dam)

    Pseudomonas in recreational waters (eg. Spas, Pools, Baths)

    Total Plate Count in all of the above examples.

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