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About Functional Pathology

We lead the way

Welcome to our website which contains instructions and further information for Functional Medicine practitioners and patients.  Click on the menu above to view our range of tests, information on how to order, and other relevant information.

We provide quality testing, interpretation and professional development to natural therapists.  Our expert team of Technical Advisors can recommend relevant tests and assist you to interpret results—extending their clinical value.  Our goal is to assist practitioners and patients in achieving and maintaining optimal health and we conduct rigorous testing and supply evidence-based results to realise this goal.

Our Practitioner Education Program includes conferences, seminars, workshops and individual and group training.  These annual events provide invaluable opportunities for functional medicine practitioners to remain current with clinical and scientific developments in functional medicine.

What is Functional Pathology?

Functional pathology tests are used to investigate functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status*.  They balance alternative approaches.  The results assist practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients seeking a holistic approach to health.

Functional Pathology testing provides a tool for early intervention, management and monitoring of ongoing treatment efficiency in which our tests are designed so patients can collect specimens in the privacy of their own homes.

When to Use Functional Pathology?

  • As part of a holistic approach in determining the baseline status of your patients prior to treatment.
  • To determine the baseline status of your patients prior to treatment, as part of a holistic approach
  • To meet patient expectations for quality scientific testing and to encourage patient responsibility for their own health
  • To monitor patient progress and treatment efficacy
  • For Specialised laboratory testing for the patient presenting with chronic unresolved symptoms and/or conditions
  • When trying to establish the cause of disease or imbalances

Why Choose Australian Clinical Labs? 

  • Scientific integrity: Our tests are performed within a comprehensive NATA accredited laboratory staffed by a team of highly experienced and skilled scientists and technicians
  • Medically driven clinical support When required, we have a team of 90 pathologists on staff to assist in interpretation and clinical decision making
  • Superior technical support: Our expert team of dedicated Technical Advisors is available full time to assist practitioners in the selection of tests and interpretation of results to ensure their maximum clinical value
  • Market leader and significant history of quality: supporting the practice of Functional Medicine since 1974
  • Convenience: Our tests are designed such that wherever possible, patients can may collect specimens in the privacy of their own homes. For tests requiring a blood specimen, Australian Clinical Labs Functional Pathology patients have the convenience of blood collection at one of our extensive network of Approved Pathology collection centres at no additional charge