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Our Functional tests


Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Testing

Immune testing primarily analyses and assess’ the presence of immune system abnormalities associated with food intolerances. Whether it be general food intolerances or specified food intolerances, these immune system reactions can evolve into prolonged physical and mental health issues. Identifying immune responses to food intolerances can assist in overall health, gut health, and psychological health.

Coeliac Gene Test (HLA DQ2, DQ8)

Gliadin Antibodies

IgG Food Print Testing

Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody


Gastrointestinal Testing

These particular tests are most efficient in assessing digestive issues and nutrient absorption concerns. Poor digestive function and imbalances in gut microbial communities may become an underlying cause of multiple health issues and chronic disease. These gastrointestinal tests bring focus to any issues that may arise throughout the gastrointestinal tract as well as looking closely at the natural gut flora balance, and general digestion and absorption.


Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

Helicobacter pylori Antigen Test

Intestinal Permeability


General Testing

These encompass tests that a usually associated with Generalized testing.   General testing is composed of various biomarkers that help to assess the presence of inflammation, anaemia, liver disease, blood sugar dysregulation, cardiovascular risk and the health of blood cells.  All these tests are blood tests and they would be collected at the nearest Australian Clinical Labs collection centre.

C-Reactive Protein

Haemochromatosis test (C2827, H63)

Insulin Test

Iron Studies


Genetic Diagnostic Testing

Genetic diagnostic testing can be helpful in identifying and assessing the presence of genetic abnormalities that may be affecting various processes of the body. These particular types of genetic testing may be able to provide more information for those predisposed to “inherited risk” and any response/side effects of therapy through lifestyle changes and dietary alterations.

Coeliac Gene Test (HLA DQ2, DQ8)

Haemochromatosis test (C2827, H63)


myDNA Test


Glucose Tolerance Testing

With the increase in refined carbohydrates, high sugar and low fibre diets combined with an ever more sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and blood sugar regulation disorders are on the rise.  The increase in type two diabetes and insulin resistance has started to impact our healthcare system and the way many people must live there life.  Testing can help to evaluate glucose tolerance health and whether a patient may be susceptible to pancreatic/blood sugar disease. 

Insulin Test


Hormone Testing

These tests look at different hormones and assess how they may be affecting a patient’s fertility, stress levels, sleep patterns, and other mental and physical states. Identifying hormonal imbalances may assist in the treatment and management of mental health and fertility challenges.

Adrenal Hormone Profile

Baseline Hormone Profile (Female/Male)

Baseline & Adrenal Hormone Profile (Female/Male)

Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Luteinizing Hormone


Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin


Nutrient/Vitamin Testing

The Nutrient and Vitamin testing analyses various nutrients and vitamins to assess for deficiency.  Certain deficiencies can have great impact on the aetiology of pathology and symptom picture.  Assessment of appropriate nutrient and vitamin levels can help to define treatment and improve patient outcomes.


Iron Studies


Specialist Testing

The specialist testing analyses various aspects of health and lifestyle concerns such as risk for osteoporosis, pyroluria, and other health disturbances as a result of essential fatty acid deficiencies and high saturated fat intake.

Essential Fatty Acids

Osteoporosis Risk Factor (NTX)

Urinary Pyrroles


Thyroid Hormone Testing

These tests look at the levels of thyroid hormones and antibodies to determine thyroid activity and presence of issues that may be affecting metabolism and various functions in the body. Thyroid function and iodine are required for a healthy brain and regulated metabolism.

Thyroid Hormone Profile

Thyroid Antibodies

Reverse T3

Urinary Iodine