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Functional Pathology

Our goal is to assist practitioners and their patients to achieve and maintain optimal health. Our tests provide essential information to assist practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients
seeking a holistic approach to health.

Functional Pathology testing can be used to:

• Help to establish the contributing factors to disease or imbalance

• Provide a tool for early intervention and management

• Identify underlying causes of chronic unresolved symptoms

• Establish baseline levels prior to treatment programs

• Monitor patient progress and treatment efficiency Our Functional Pathology tests are performed by a highly skilled team of scientific and technical staff in Australian Clinical Labs Pathology’s main laboratory in Clayton, Victoria. Providing accurate results utilising most recent up to date research information.

The 2017 Lifestyle Medicine Conference

We are excited to be involved in the Lifestyle Medicine 2017 conference in Manly, NSW. This will be held at Manly Novotel 15-17 September with a focus on ‘Planet Consumption – Primary care, public and planetary health converge in Lifestyle Medicine’.

Update your Lifestyle Medicine knowledge, skills, tools and processes through keynote lectures, participatory workshops, case studies, discussion and the latest translational science and research from around the world. This multidisciplinary CPD event showcases keynote speakers, ‘deep dive’ workshops, panel discussions, plus four fascinating streams and pre-conference workshops to re-invigorate your practice. If you will be attending the conference, we would love for you to introduce yourself at our stand. 

Check out the program and register lifestylemedicine.org.au/conference.

We hope to see you there.

Environmental Water Testing

Clinical Labs provides a comprehensive water testing service to determine the microbiological quality of a range of waters. With multiple layers of IT result delivery and network of over 900 sample drop off points throughout Australia (excluding QLD and Tasmania) can provide seamless service. We provide environmental water testing services including the detection of:

    Legionella in industrial waters (eg. Cooling towers, Evaporative Coolers, Ice)

    E. coli/ Coliforms in portable waters (eg. Spring, Rain, Bore, Dam, Drinking Waters) and effluents

    Pseudomonas in recreational waters (eg. Spas, Pools, Baths)

    Total Plate Count in all of the above examples.

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