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What Happens Next?

Thank you for using Clinical Labs' MyHomeVisit Online Portal


Here's what happens next:


1. You will receive a text when we are enroute to your address. This SMS contains a link so you can track us as we arrive.

2. We will phone you from the car when we arrive to confirm some details and provide instructions. We will also take a little time to prepare our testing kit before we come to your front door.

3. At your front door we will work with one person at a time, guiding you to swab your throat and nostrils. If anyone in your house is unable to do this, the collector can do this, don’t worry.

4. Your specimens will be taken back to our lab for testing.

5. You will receive your results by text message within 24 hrs.


Frequently Asked Questions


I need to cancel my appointment; how do I do so?
To cancel or change your appointment please call 1300 418 896.

Can I add another person to my appointment?
To cancel or change your appointment please call 1300 418 896.

Can I make another appointment over the phone?
Currently we are only accepting booking using the online portal/booking system.

Why is this service only for selected postcodes in south-east Queensland?
This service is currently being piloted in SE Queensland and we endeavour to expand the service to more areas as time goes on.

Is this service bulk-billed?
The service is bulk billed with a valid Medicare card. We cannot offer the service to non-Medicare card holders. 

How do I track the driver when they are on the way?
You can track our driver in real time by tapping the link on your SMS notification. 

Do I have to self-collect my own sample?
Patients who are over 16 years of age are asked to collect their own sample, and are given instructions and supervised by our trained staff. Patients under the age of 16, or adults who are unable to self-collect, can get their sample taken by our trained collector.

I have COVID symptoms – can I still get the home visit?
Yes, but we cannot accept households that contain confirmed COVID-positive cases

I don’t have a doctor request form – can I still get the home visit?
Yes, you can still request a home visit without a doctor request form.

I live in an apartment – am I able to book a home visit?
We are offering this service initially to households to assist the community and minimise any interactions in public spaces (such as corridors and foyers) where others may be at risk or there is a need for confidentiality. There are other options for the community available for those who live in an apartments / unit blocks, such as drive through, or walk-in centres.

How quickly will I get my results back and how will I receive them?
Once we have received the sample we expect the result to be delivered to your provided mobile number via SMS within 24hrs.

Can I book my other Home Visit tests using the portal?
Currently we are offering the MyHomeVisit online portal for COVID-19 tests only.

Is Clinical Labs based in Queensland?
Clinical Labs is one of the largest national providers of pathology services. We have a fully equipped lab in Murrarie, just near Gateway Bridge, where all samples will be processed.