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Faecal Occult Blood Collection

Special Requirements

  • For a complete investigation, this test ideally requires three separate faeces specimens collected on three separate days.
  • If your doctor requests only one specimen, this can also be performed.
  • All specimens must be returned within five days of the first collection.
  • If you are taking iron tablets, you may continue this therapy before and during the test period.
  • Avoid alcohol and the following medications (Indomethacin, Reserpine, Phenylbutazone and Corticosteroids) as these may cause gastrointestinal irritation and subsequent bleeding in some patients. Consult your doctor before ceasing any medication.
  • Seven days prior to taking the sample, avoid Aspirin or anti- inflammatory drugs.
  • Two days prior to taking the sample, stop using rectal medicines and tonics.
Do not collect a faeces sample if:
  • You are menstruating
  • You have bleeding haemorrhoids
  • You are constipated
  • You have urinary bleeding
  • You have rectal bleeding



  • 3x Sample Tubes - Available from any Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre or your doctor.



  • Write your surname, first given name, date of birth, sample number (if multiple specimens), and date and time of collection on the tube.
  • Collect faeces specimen into a clean container or onto toilet paper. Avoid contamination with toilet water.
  • Twist the cap on the sampler bottle to open. The sampling probe is attached to the cap.
  • Randomly insert the threaded end of the sampler into the faecal specimen in at least five different places on the specimen.
  • Insert sampling probe into the collection tube. Line up the cap with the tube and press to click shut.
  • Shake tube vigorously to mix specimen in fluid.
  • Place both sampler tubes (three tubes) into the plastic specimen bag provided.
  • Keep specimens refrigerated until returned to an Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre.

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The collection staff are required to check your details (surname, first given name, date of birth and date and time of collection on the container label) against the pathology request form to ensure the sample is matched to the doctor’s request. This is done to ensure the safety and security of reporting your test results.