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Faeces Collections (for Reducing Substances and Tryptic Activity)


  • Faeces specimen collected in sterile brown or white container.
  • The sample can be passed into a separate clean container, or firstly onto paper (in the toilet bowl) and then scraped into the sterile brown top specimen container, using the scoop which forms part of the lid.
  • Write your surname, first given name, date of birth and date and time of collection on the container.
  • This specimen is to be frozen immediately after collection and remain frozen in transit.
  • It is recommended that the labelled specimen be placed in sealable section of two part specimen bag, then placed in plastic container 1/3 filled with water, before placing in freezer. When frozen, return frozen specimen in the container to an Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre or Laboratory.



  • 1x Brown or White Specimen Container
  • Available from any Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre or your doctor.

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The collection staff are required to check your details (surname, first given name, date of birth and date and time of collection on the container label) against the pathology request form to ensure the sample is matched to the doctor’s request. This is done to ensure the safety and security of reporting your test results.