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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The purpose of this test is to record your blood pressure activity for a 24-hour period while you go about your normal daily routine.
A fee will be collected the day the monitor is fitted. You will not be able to claim this fee back from Medicare.

General Information


  • Keep the monitor inside its pouch. (Do not bathe or shower during the 24 hour period or monitor will be irreparably damaged).
  • The monitor records throughout the entire 24 hours. Please do not interfere with the appliance.
  • The monitor will inflate the cuff every 20 minutes during the period between 6.00am and midnight, and every hour between midnight and 6.00am.
  • Between 6.00am and midnight, every time the monitor is about to take a reading three short tones will be heard. You then have
  • 5 seconds to relax your arm to your side, except when dangerous (eg. driving), then the cuff inflates. When the measurement is complete, you will hear another longer tone.
  • If the measurement is unsuccessful the monitor will try again three minutes later. Should this happen, the next measurement will occur after 17 minutes, not 20 minutes. If your blood pressure is very high, the cuff will be a lot firmer and the time interval between measurements may be less than 20 minutes.
  • There is no tone between midnight and 6.00am.
  • The cuff will inflate firmer than the one used at your doctor’s office. Please tell the staff if it is too uncomfortable or if you are getting pins and needles.



  • Please shower prior to your appointment. Wear clothes that are easy to remove from the waist up and that are loose fitting in the upper arm area. Allow approximately 30 minutes for the monitor to be fitted.
  • The blood pressure cuff is fitted to your upper arm and secured. This remains in place for the entire 24 hour period. The recorder is attached with a belt around your waist.
  • When you return the monitor, please bring a list of your current medications and the time of day you have take taken them.


This test requires an appointment. Please call your nearest Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre to arrange a time.

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