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Holter Monitor

The purpose of this test is to record your heart activity for a 24 hour period while you go about your normal daily routine.
Please inform staff at the time of booking, if you have any allergies to surgical tape.
  • Keep the monitor inside its pouch. (Do not bathe or shower during the 24 hour period or monitor will be irreparably damaged).
  • The monitor records throughout the entire 24 hours. Please do not interfere with the appliance.
  • Do not remove the electrodes.
  • Promptly re-attach any electrodes if any fall off.


On the day of the test

  • Please shower prior to your appointment. (Do not use powder or body lotions on your chest). Wear clothes that are easy to remove from the waist up. Allow approximately 30 minutes for the monitor to be fitted.
  • It is advisable for women to wear a bra. We suggest that both men and women wear a firm fitting singlet or T-shirt to bed at night to reduce the chance of leads becoming unattached.
  • The area where the seven electrodes are fitted to the chest (similar to an ECG test) may need to be shaved and rubbed with alcohol pads to remove natural oils from the skin. This will ensure that contact is adequate when attaching the electrodes and leads. The leads may be secured with extra tape. The recorder is attached with a belt around your waist.
  • You will be instructed to record your daily events in the diary provided. Please ensure you note sleep times and wake-up times and any other events you feel might be relevant (instructions are inside the front cover of the diary).
  • When a symptom occurs, press the event button. Be precise when noting the time a symptom occurred. The diary of events is an important part of the test and should be returned with the monitor - even if there is nothing written in it.
  • We also require a list of your current medications and when you take them. This can be recorded in the diary or on a separate page attached to it.
This test requires an appointment. Please call your nearest Clinical Labs Collection Centre to arrange a time.

If you have any problems, please contact the Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre where the monitor was fitted or please call our Customer Service Centre.


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