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Semen Collection


  • 4 days prior to test, abstain from all sexual activity.
  • Obtain specimen by masturbation. Do not use a condom or any form of lubricant.
  • Collect the entire specimen into a clear, sterile, plastic yellow-top container.
  • Write your surname, first given name, date of birth and the date/time of collection on the container label.
  • Keep specimen at approximately body temperature.
  • Return the specimen and request form directly to the nearest Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre that is attached to a Laboratory within 1 - 1.5 hours of collection. Call 1300 453 688 for the location of your nearest lab.

Collection of Semen Post-Vasectomy

Collection instructions are the same as above, but check with your surgeon as a period of abstinence may not be required. The specimen can be delivered promptly to an Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre and from there transported quickly to our laboratory.


  • 1 x 70ml Yellow-top Container
  • Available from any Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre or your doctor.

Please return the specimen with the following information:

Patient's full name

Number of days of abstinence from intercourse

Test for: Fertility/Post Vasectomy

Date of collection

Time of collection

Referring doctor


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