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Cardiac Testing Services for Patients in WA

Clinical Labs WA currently offers two Holter monitoring options for assessing cardiac activity. For more information, please see below. 

Please note: ECG and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring services are coming soon.

myPatch multi-day Holter monitors 

Clinical Labs WA now offers access to the myPatch Holter Monitor, a high quality, more comfortable heart monitor.

Why choose a myPatch Holter monitor?

  • Showerproof and durable
  • No wires, improved comfort
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Event marking function


How do I use the myPatch Holter?

Test preparation:

  • Shower or bathe to ensure body is clear of oils.
  • Do not use powder or body lotions on your chest.
  • Wear a loose-fitting top that can easily be removed from the waist up.
  • Allow approximately 10 minutes for the monitor to be fitted.

Once fitted, myPatch continuously records your heart to detect arrhythmias.

1. Continue your daily activities as normal.
2. When symptoms occur, double tap the device and update diary. 
3. Once the test is over, simply return the device to the collection centre.
4. Your heart data is sent for analysis, and a report is returned to your doctor. 

How do I book and pay for my test online?

After receiving a pathology request for a myPatch Holter monitor from your doctor, please book and pay for your test online by visiting pay.clinicallabs.com.au/mypatch 

How much does myPatch Holter testing cost?

Out-of-pocket costs* for myPatch monitoring. 

  • 1 day (24hrs): $230
  • 3 day (72hrs): $260
  • 7 day (168hrs): $320

*Out-of-pocket cost after claiming Medicare rebate. Medicare rebate is $156.75, as of 1st Dec 2023.

When will my results be available?

Your results will be sent to your referring doctor approximately 5 business days after returning the device to the Clinical Labs Collection Centre.

Download Patient BrochureDownload myPatch Holter Patient Instructions


 5-Lead Holter Monitors 

How does Holter monitoring work?

A Holter monitor is a portable medical device that records your cardiac activity for 24 hours as you go about your daily routine. These monitors are lightweight, worn in a pouch around your neck, and are particularly useful in identifying cardiac arrhythmias that may be short-lived or asymptomatic, allowing them be be matched with symptoms.

How can I access Holter monitoring at Clinical Labs?

Step 1:
Discuss 5-lead Holter monitoring with your referring doctor. 

Step 2: Once you have a request form from you doctor, you will need to call a Clinical Labs Collection Centre offering the Holter monitoring service to book a time for collection and fitting with your Holter monitor. Holter monitors are available at select Clinical Labs collection centres. To find the collection centre nearest you offering Holter monitors, visit clinicallabs.com.au/location and select ‘Holter’ from the ‘All Facilities’ drop down menu.

What is the cost of the test?

In Western Australia, Medicare cardholders are bulk-billed for the first 24 hours. For each additional 24 hours, there is an out-of-pocket cost of $185.50.

When will my results be available?

Your referring doctor will receive your Holter monitor report 3 business days after the return of your Holter monitor to the Clinical Labs Collection Centre.

Download Patient BrochureDownload 5-lead Holter Patient Instructions