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Genova Toxic Effects CORESM Profile

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Genova Toxic Effects CORESM Profile

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Product Details

The Toxic Effects CORESM Profile narrows down the areas of toxic body burden that could be related to chronic, intractable symptoms in patients.
Toxic body burden is the lifelong accumulation of chemicals to which we are exposed through our food, air, and environment. Chronic health conditions like autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as cancer and even diabetes, have been associated with ongoing exposure to environmental toxins.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Genova tests are NOT self-collect kits. Blood samples must be collected from a Clinical Labs Accredited Collection Centre however urine and stool samples may be self-collect samples. Full details and instructions are included in the kit along with how to find your nearest collection centre as well contact information if you require assistance.

Kit Contents

1 x Black cap glass collection container
2 x Glass grey top BD vacutainers with 30mg sodium fluoride
2 x Glass red/grey top serum separator tubes
2 x disposable gloves
2 x absorbent pads
2 x ice packs
4 x bubble-bag tube protectors
1 x bubble-bag collection container protector
2 x Biohazard bags with side pockets
Personal Health Assessment

Additional Information

- It is not necessary to discontinue nutritional supplements prior to this specimen collection.
- Decrease fluid intake to avoid excessive dilution of the urine
- Adults, restrict intake to three 8 oz. glasses or less for 24 hours
- Make sure that no more than 8 oz. of this is consumed after 8:00PM the evening prior to urine collection
- Do not collect urine during menstruation
- Urine must be collected directly into the provided glass container and follow the instructions provided in the kit to avoid specimen contamination.
- There is no fasting required for the blood collection.
- Vial contains sodium fluoride – Do not rinse.

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