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Specialist IgG Testing - IgG Food Print Vegan Food Sensitivity Panel

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Specialist IgG Testing - IgG Food Print Vegan Food Sensitivity Panel

kit per order $ 450 .00

Product Details

The IgG Food Print Vegan Food Sensitivity Panel is analysed from a simple blood test which can be collected at an Australian Clinical Labs collection centre. The Food Print Vegan is a specialised food intolerance tests that looks specifically at Vegan foods. Food Print Vegan measures IgG antibodies which are linked to food intolerances. IgG is an antibody that is only meant to be created to fight immune threats to the body. Unfortunately due to high stress lifestyles, poor diets, gut issues and a host of other causes, the body can start to attack foods instead of pathogens. This is when we can start to see food intolerances. Food intolerances can manifest in a range of health issues such as digestive problems, skin problems and immunity problems to name a few. By conducting an IgG Food Print Intolerance Test we can determine which foods the immune system is intolerant to and which foods that are safe to consume without an immune reaction.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Food Print tests are NOT self-collect kits. All Food Print tests require a blood sample to be collected from a Clinical Labs Accredited Collection Centre. When purchasing this test online, you will receive a unique receipt enabling you to visit a collection centre for blood collection and will NOT be sent a self-collect (at-home) kit.

Kit Contents

This test requires a blood sample which can be collected from an Australian Clinical Labs collection centre, you can find your nearest collection centre at www.clinicallabs.com.au/location or contact us at 1300 554 480.

Once you have paid for your test simply take a copy of your receipt into your nearest collection centre along with the referral form that you received from your practitioner. The collection assistant will take your referral form and confirm your payment via the receipt. All you have to do then is have a sample of blood collected and the rest is done by Australian Clinical Labs. A copy of your results will be forwarded to your practitioner upon completion of testing. Your practitioner will be able to go through any intolerances you may have and offer advice on treatment.

Additional Information

You are not required to fast prior to this test. Continue with your normal diet prior to collection. Include any foods that you suspect you may have an intolerance to so that it can be confirmed by the test. If you have a severe reaction to a particular food do not consume. It is safer to assume that there is an intolerance present and avoid the particular food that seems to cause a reaction.

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