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Urinary Oestrogen Metabolites (2 & 16)

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Urinary Oestrogen Metabolites (2 & 16)

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Product Details

This test indicates how oestrogen is monitored in both men and women. High levels of circulating oestrogens are proliferative and potentially dangerous, so it is important that they are broken down efficiently and effectively removed from the body. This test identifies which oestrogen metabolic pathway is being predominantly utilized (2 or 16). This test assesses whether the patient is metabolizing effectively and safely to reduce the likelihood of oestrogen-dependent cancers and osteoporosis.

This testing would be useful for patients that may be at high risk of oestrogen-dependent cancers or osteoporosis. The test requires a urine specimen from the first morning void (first urination after waking in the morning).

Kit Contents

• 3 x 15ml plastic urine tube
• 5ml plastic eye dropper
• 1 x Specimen bag
• Padded postage satchel

Additional Information

• For women with a regular menstruation cycle it is recommended that the urine collection is between days 18-25
• Do not collect urine during menstruation
• Post-menopausal women may collect their specimen on any day
• Men may collect their specimen on any day

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