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Skin Excision Evaluation Program

A Program That Benefits You And Your Patients

The Skin Excision Evaluation Program enables general practitioners who refer skin histology specimens to Clinical Labs to submit provisional diagnoses for cases where histological evaluation is needed. Both biopsy and excision specimens will be considered towards your program results.

Your results are then made available to you via a monthly Skin Excision Evaluation Report, highlighting your performance against that of your peers, and national benchmarks, while maintaining confidentiality of all clinicians.

This is a program that provides a beneficial education opportunity for general practitioners and, ultimately, improvements in skin cancer management for patients.

Increased Skill and Accuracy

By signing up to our skin program, you will receive all the necessary resources needed to monitor your prognostic performance, so the necessary adjustments can be made for improvement. The improved clinical skills gained through consistent feedback from our unique reporting portal will result in more skill, accuracy and confidence with patients.

Monitoring adequate margin control and appropriate removal of pathological lesions can reduce patient risk of subsequent invasive procedures and risk of cancer recurrence, scarring and infection.

Better Patient Outcomes

As your diagnostic skill improves, there is an increased chance of detecting and treating skin cancers early – even diagnosing more sinister lesions that could look essentially benign on first appearance – thereby reducing the potential negative patient outcomes.

Over time, as your skill level increases, your patients will benefit from fewer unnecessary or repeat excisions, decreasing the chance of infections and other complications. Primary care setting for treatment also means less wait time and expense for your patients – ultimately fostering better doctor-patient relationships.

Support From Our Expert Pathologists

As you progress through the program you can rely on our expert pathologists to give you accurate diagnostic assessment. Of course, you can contact them personally if you have any questions along the way. Every month, you will receive relevant statistical data presented
in user-friendly charts, so you can track your performance against national, state and peer-group benchmarks, and identify areas for more practice and development.

Clinical Labs is passionate about delivering additional education opportunities to develop skill in skin cancer knowledge, through annual workshops and educational material.

Earn CPD Points

The Skin Excision Evaluation Program is a Category 1 approved clinical audit. Participants enrolled in this valuable CPD program can submit both biopsy and excision specimens with a provisional diagnosis, confirming their dermatological diagnostic proficiency.
Australian Clinical Labs is a RACGP approved activity provider and has 2 Education Activity Representatives (EAR). Therefore, your participation in our exclusive Skin Excision Evaluation Program makes you eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.
To be eligible to obtain RACGP QI & CPD points:
  • A minimum of 20 samples submitted correctly per 6 month interval
  • Each sample must be submitted using the specific Skin Excision Evaluation request form, with provisional diagnosis provided on the reverse
These activities over 2 intervals will be submitted to the RACGP for 40 Category 1 points or to the ACRRM for 30 PRDP points. An evaluation survey will be provided for participants to complete at the end of the 12 month program.

Why sign up to our Skin Excision Evaluation Program?

  • Advancement of prognostic skills
  • Assessment of surgical removal techniques
  • Exclusive invitations to Annual Skin Cancer Management workshops
  • Provision of relevant data and feedback to help identify areas for clinical development
  • Relevant statistical data presented in user-friendly charts
  • Acquisition of CPD points
  • Better health outcomes and improved doctor-patient relationship
  • Monitor your personal progress and performance against national, state and peer averages
  • CPD activity support – regular reminders and extra educational material
  • Support from world-class Clinical Labs pathologists

Submitting Cases for the Program

  • Once registered, special skin excision evaluation request forms will be sent to your specified address. The forms have been designed to be used in conjunction with most practice management software packages.
  • When making a pathology request it is important that you record clinical data on the reverse side of the form.

Audit Report

  • Our report includes downloadable charts & tables to support educational outcome for participants. You will
    also be able to review your progress against your peers and in contrast to the state and national benchmarks, all confidentially.

How to register

Registration is quick and easy.  You can register online at ehealth.clinicallabs.com.au/harp or email us at skinaudit@clinicallabs.com.au

You can also complete Australian Clinical Labs' Surgical Skin Audit registration form at the link at the bottom of the page and email it to skinaudit@clinicallabs.com.au or fax to (03) 9538 6760.

If you would like a demonstration or a copy of the flyer please contact your local BDM or email us at skinaudit@clinicallabs.com.au