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Skin Excision Evaluation Program

Become skilled in spotting melanoma early

Melanoma is a type of cancer with which Australian general practitioners are, unfortunately, all too familiar. Melanoma is responsible for 67% of all skin cancer deaths.1 Approximately 16,800 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma annually and more than 1,300 die from melanoma each year – that’s one person every six hours!2 Sadly, Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world – with melanoma rates nearly tripling between 1986 and 2016.3

At Australian Clinical Labs, we offer you the support to evaluate your prognostic knowledge of skin cancer medicine and improve the health outcomes of your patients with our hybrid style of education activity. As a hybrid approved activity, you can earn 20 Measuring Outcomes hours + 5 Reviewing Performance hours + 2.5 Educational Activities hours per year, while we help you analyse your skin cancer diagnostic and procedural skills and improve the outcomes for your patients.

1. https://wiki.cancer.org.au/skincancerstats/Skin_cancer_incidence_and_mortality
2. https://melanoma.org.au/about-melanoma/melanoma-facts/
3. https://www.aihw.gov.au/

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An educational experience that can save lives

Our Skin Excision Evaluation Program will provide you with a truly educational experience, by analysing your diagnostic skill for identification of high-risk lesions. Improve your skills to provide your patients with earlier detection rates and achieve better patient outcomes. Our unique program will enable you to submit provisional diagnoses for cases where histological evaluation is needed. You can contact our pathologists personally if you have any questions along the way.
As you progress through our exclusive program, your results will be made available to you via a monthly Skin Excision Evaluation Program report, which highlights your performance against that of your state and national peers, while maintaining the confidentiality of all clinicians.
Submit 40 samples (recommended) within each 12 month cycle, using the Skin Excision Evaluation Program request form (with compulsory clinical CODES completed on the reverse), complete the compulsory Reflection Activity, and you will be eligible to obtain CPD Measuring Outcomes, Reviewing Performance and Educational Activities hours.

Benchmark your performance online

At any point during the program, you can sign in to our online portal, and view relevant statistical data presented in user-friendly charts, to enable you to identify areas for further practice and development, and compare your performance against that of your state and national peers.
Participate in our unique, hybrid educational program with consistent feedback from our specially-designed reporting portal, and see an increase in the accuracy of your diagnoses, an improvement in your clinical skills and an increase in your confidence with patients.

Earn 27.5 CPD hours per year

The Skin Excision Evaluation Program is an accredited CPD activity. Participants enrolled in this valuable CPD program can submit both biopsy and excision specimens with a provisional diagnosis, confirming their dermatological diagnostic proficiency.

Annual Criteria for CPD Program Qualification
  • Submit 40 histological samples (recommended) on the specific audit request forms
  • Reflection activity completed (mandatory)

CPD Recognition (RACGP & ACRRM)

  • 20 CPD Measuring Outcomes hours per year
  • 5 CPD Reviewing Performance hours per year
  • 2.5 CPD Educational Activities hours per year

Learning Objectives

1. Identify diagnostic inaccuracies concerning skin lesions submitted for histopathological analysis.

2. Demonstrate appropriate surgical margin practices for malignant skin cancer procedures.

3. Detect cases that require additional treatment to ensure the ongoing care and safety of the patient.

4. Contrast personal diagnostic and surgical proficiency in comparison to state and national peer groups.

5. Contrast personal melanoma detection rates in comparison to state and national peer groups.

How to participate

Join thousands of Australian GPs

1. How to register

Register online now. Complete our digital registration form by visiting clinicallabs.com.au/skinregistration

2. Submit your samples
Skin Excision Evaluation Program request forms will be sent to your specified address upon the completion of your registration. Our forms have been designed specifically so that they can be used in conjunction with most practice management software.
using the Skin Excision Evaluation Program request form with compulsory clinical CODES completed on the reverse.

3. Monitor your monthly progress
Each month you will receive an email to let you know that your latest Skin Excision Evaluation Program report is available.

4. Complete Final Outcomes & Reflections
As part of the CPD education experience, your final notification will also include an online evaluation survey to complete.