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Skin Excision Evaluation Program

Towards Better Diagnostic Outcomes & Earning CPD Points

At Australian Clinical Labs, we offer the support to expand your prognostic knowledge and improve the health of your patients’ skin while also earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. This renewed program combines the latest scientific and technological advancements to deliver better outcomes for both doctors and patients than ever before.
Our Skin Excision Evaluation Program enables general practitioners who refer skin pathology to Australian Clinical Labs to submit their provisional diagnosis on cases in which histological evaluation is needed. Monthly Skin Excision Evaluation Reports will be generated for all participants, highlighting performance against the performance of peers, while maintaining confidentiality of all clinicians.


  • Relevant statistical data presented in user friendly charts
  • Opportunity to compare personal performance with peers (confidentially)
  • Provision of relevant data and feedback to help identify areas for practice development


  • Better health outcomes and improved doctor-patient relationship
  • Advancement of prognostic skills
  • Acquisition of CPD points


  • Complete Australian Clinical Labs' Surgical Skin Audit registration form and email it to skinaudit@clinicallabs.com.au or fax to (03) 9538 6760.

Registration form

Submitting Cases for the Program

  • Once registered, special skin excision evaluation request forms will be sent to your specified address. The forms have been designed to be used in conjunction with most practice management software packages.
  • When making a pathology request it is important that you record clinical data on the reverse side of the form.

Audit Report

  • Our report includes downloadable charts & tables to support educational outcome for participants. You will
    also be able to review your progress against your peers and in contrast to the state and national benchmarks, all confidentially.

Obtaining continuing professional development points

To be eligible to obtain RACGP QI & CPD points, participants must complete an evaluation form. These activities, along with monitored continued improvement over 2 intervals will be submitted to the RACGP for 40 Category 1 points or to the ACRRM for 30 PRDP points.
Please note: Taking part in the program does not guarantee the allocation of points. This activity is approved by the RACGP for 40 Cat 1 CPD QI points (Activity number 82478) and ACRRM 30 PRDP points (ID number 7762). Australian Clinical Labs is an approved activity provider with the RACGP - AAP # 626080.

How to register

Registration is quick and easy.  You can register online at ehealth.clinicallabs.com.au/harp or email us at skinaudit@clinicallabs.com.au

If you would like a demonstration or a copy of the flyer please contact your local BDM or email us at skinaudit@clinicallabs.com.au