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Transitioning to the Ultra Lab Information System in 2019

Changing to a single, national system

Changing to a single, national system

As part of our Vision to be a leader in science and technology, Australian Clinical Labs will upgrade its Laboratory Information System (LIS) at its Midland hospital lab, Western Australia on Wednesday 13th March 2019.

The upgrade will replace the LabTrak system with Ultra. The change further strengthens the company’s ability to deliver high quality pathology services to doctors and patients nationally.

By upgrading this laboratory to Ultra, Clinical Labs completes its national program to replace LabTrak and achieves its aim to operate a single system at all labs across Australia. 

From the cut-over date, LabTrak becomes an archived system where patient histories are stored for reference when necessary.

Importantly, this significant IT system change will allow local services to more easily draw on the expertise of over 90 specialist pathologists across Australia employed at Clinical Labs.

To help navigate the change, Clinical Labs has produced a companion booklet for referrers and practice managers. Download the file below to read more.

Email the Midland Ultra Transition Project Team: MidlandLIS.Transition@clinicallabs.com.au