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The Functional Pathology Team

At Australian Clinical Labs Functional Pathology we are committed to providing superior technical support to our practitioners. We have experienced Technical Consultants available to practitioners who will discuss appropriate test selection, interpretation of test results, individual cases and related clinical issues. The Technical Team is committed to assisting practitioners in their clinical understanding and management for each patient result.

NADINE CHAN:    B.AppSc (Medical Laboratory Science)
Manager – Functional Pathology

Nadine has 25 years of scientific and management experience with a background in Infectious diseases and Reproductive Endocrinology.  Having gained valuable experience working at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL) and Monash IVF, Nadine spent 5 years as Head of Department in our Reproductive Pathology Laboratory before joining Functional Pathology in 2016.  Nadine has strong leadership and communication skills and a keen interest in health and wellbeing.   Nadine has a focus on quality and new technologies, not only in the area of scientific testing but also in service and results provision - quality results delivered on time. She looks forward to leading the Functional team into a dynamic, exciting future and setting the benchmark for excellence in Complementary Medicine.


PESE FAINBERG:   BSc. (Chemistry & Physiology), Bachelor of Health Sciences.
Naturopath/Technical Advisor

Pese first started with ARL Functional Pathology as it was back then, in 2007.  Since then, Pese has remained an integral part of the team through two changes in ownership. Pese continues to bring an exceptional level of expertise in the interpretation and selection of tests for our practitioners.  In this way, Pese is able to pursue her interest in research and her commitment to education in this exciting field.  As Complimentary Medicine becomes an ever more important tool in achieving and maintaining health and wellbeing, Pese will continue to bring the latest developments to our team and our clients.


JASMINE KING:   Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Diploma of Remedial Massage.
Naturopath/Technical Advisor

Jasmine is the newest member to join our team of passionate staff, beginning her role in 2016.  Jasmine brings considerable experience in clinical practice and client support in the areas of Naturopathy, Remedial Massage and Herbal/Nutritional medicine.  Jasmine is keen to develop as a multi-disciplined Technical Advisor.  Jasmine enjoys working in a team environment where the co-operative goal is to achieve outstanding health results for our patients.


REMY PARISIAN:  Client Services Team Leader

Remy is well known to many of our clients for his outstanding customer service and knowledge in the area of Functional Pathology.  Remy has over 20 years’ experience in customer care, providing excellence in service to both to practitioners and patients.  Remy enjoys solving any issue and will go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.  Remy ensures all our Client Services team members are providing the care required for this important area of our department.


KATRINA KENNEDY:  Administrative Assistant

Katrina is a valued member of our Functional Pathology team, having been with the company for 6 years in a variety of roles including Customer Service and Duty Managers Department.  With a keen interest in Functional Pathology testing, and having undertaken short courses in various naturopathic topics, Katrina is well equipped to assist both our staff and practitioners in bringing the best quality outcomes to our patients.  Katrina is also a committed animal lover who fosters dogs and is the mother of twin daughters – clearly a multi-skilled individual!