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Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program for GP’s


Sign up now to join Australia’s first Clinical Evaluation Program for Diabetes.  Where you will be able to:

  • Review management of your Diabetic Patients vs your peers.
  • Recall your Diabetic Patients who are overdue for their next diabetes check-up.
  • CPD Points available.*


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(*Subject to RACGP approval for the 2017-2019 triennium)

Harmony Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

The Harmony Prenatal Test is a DNA-based blood screening test for trisomies 21 (Down syndrome), 18, and 13 that delivers accurate results from as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy.

The test is available at all Australian Clinical Labs collection centres. Ask your doctor about Harmony today!

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Corporate Pathology Services

Let us support your business. Our commercial operations cover all non-Medicare pathology requests. We are a trusted provider of services to a wide range of organisations, working across the public and private sectors.

Our position in the health services industry is built on the professionalism of our staff and the efficiency of our processes. As test results are time-sensitive, we provide fast, cost-effective solutions with collection centres located in all major cities.

Take advantage of unequaled service. Choose us.

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Clinical Labs to Acquire Perth Pathology

Australian Clinical Labs (Clinical Labs) announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Perth Medical Laboratories Pty Ltd, trading as Perth Pathology, from owners Dr Wayne Smit and Mr Paul Schneider.

As part of the terms of the agreement, the vendors will hold a significant minority equity share in the combined business and will continue their involvement as executives in the combined business. 

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Functional Pathology

Australian Clinical Labs Functional Pathology, formerly known as ARL Functional Pathology and later Healthscope Functional Pathology, provides specialised laboratory testing services to Functional Medicine practitioners and their patients. Our goal is to assist practitioners and patients in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Please note: Patients may only order tests after receiving a signed practitioner request form from their consulting practitioner.

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