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Novel coronavirus

For up-to-date information on how to manage patients presenting with symptoms of coronavirus please see the below links for your relevant state:


Click here for the latest information for VIC referrers

Testing for Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) no longer requires approval by the Department of Human Health and Services (DHHS).

When a patient has an illness that is compatible with the novel coronavirus infection and has travelled overseas, testing can be considered. Notify the DHHS for advice on whether testing should be actively considered. To obtain advice, telephone 1300 651 160, 24 hours a day. The testing of patients who have been notified to DHHS and meet the suspected case definition will be prioritised by the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL) for testing.

Clinical Labs will be sending specimens to the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL) to undertake confirmatory testing for COVID-19.

Collection Centres will not be collecting the samples for coronavirus, samples collected by practitioners can be submitted to Clinical Labs and we will refer on to VIDRL for testing.

Coronavirus Information Sheet - For Doctors

Coronavirus Information Sheet - For Patients

South Australia

Click here for the latest information for SA referrers

No testing should be requested for 2019-nCoV without prior approval by the Communicable Disease Control Branch. To obtain approval and request more information please telephone 1300 232 272, 24 hours a day.

Collection Centres will not be collecting the samples for coronavirus. Samples collected by practitioners will not be accepted by Clinical Labs - please contact the CDCB on the number above to arrange sample delivery to the appropriate laboratory.



Western Australia

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Please refer to the guidance provided by the WA CDCD prior to requesting/collecting samples from patients suspected to be exposed to 2019-nCoV from Wuhan, China.

Samples should be obtained only after discussion and approval from a Department of Health, Public Health Physician. Samples will not be tested without this approval. Note that approval has been obtained in the Clinical Notes section on the request form. To obtain approval, please contact the Public Health Physician on 92222131 (office hours), 93280553 (after hours).


New South Wales

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Follow the link above then go to “Advice for General Practitioners”

1.Test for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in patients who present with fever OR acute respiratory infection AND in the 14 days before the onset of illness have either:

  • had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, OR
  • travelled to (including transit through) mainland China

2.Consider COVID-19 testing for patients who have travelled (excluding transit) in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea or Iran in the 14 days before onset of symptoms.

Clinical Labs are able to collect and receive specimens from asymptomatic and mildly unwell patients. Acutely unwell patients should be referred to the local ED, with the recommendation to call ahead.

Clinical Labs will be collecting and processing samples at select collection centres. Click the link below for the current list:


NSW Coronavirus Collection Centres Information for Doctors Information for Patients