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Tips for Paediatric Blood Collection

4 tips to help prepare your child for a blood test

At some point in their life, your child will need to have a blood test. Often, it can be just as traumatic for the parent as it is for the child. Here are 4 tips to help prepare your little one and take the fear out of blood tests.

1. Explain the procedure 
Clarify what is going to happen a few days before. If your child asks, “will it hurt?” give an honest answer – “Some children say it hurts a bit, others are not so bothered.”

2. Distract them 
Depending on whether you have an infant, toddler, or teenager, use distractions such as food, toys, books, music, or talking to them. 

3. Positioning 
Try sitting your toddler on your lap, providing security and comfort. Older children may prefer lying down or sitting in a chair and watching the procedure. Maintain contact by holding their hand or giving them a hug.

4. Reward them 
Stay with your child until they are calm. Offer positive encouragement by saying they did a great job and expressing how proud you are of them. Reward them for being brave.