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Pre-Employment Screening

Why conduct pre-employment screening?

To protect your organisation and current employees, it is important to screen the health of prospective employees prior to the commencement of work to avoid hiring workers who may pose a health or safety risk.

Pre-Employment Screening Brochure



What tests are recommended?


  • Overall health assessment - Ensuring the potential employee is ‘fit for work’.
  • Drug & alcohol testing - Identifies unsuitable candidates who may pose a safety risk. (Please refer to the comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Testing section of our website for all information related to this very important area of workplace safety.)
  • Hazardous chemical exposure - It is recommended that pre-existing baseline levels of these chemicals are determined for comparison with future monitoring of the employee.
  • Immunity to infectious diseases - Recommended prior to commencing work in areas such as healthcare, aged care, child care, cleaning and animal care.

The analysis of Pre-Employment Screening pathology samples is conducted in our state-of-the-art NATA-accredited laboratories under the supervision of our expert RCPA-accredited pathologists.


For more information on the pre-employment screening services offered by Clinical Labs, download the brochure below.  

Pre-Employment Screening Brochure



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