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Cardiac Testing

At Clinical Labs we offer a variety of tests to monitor cardiac activity. These range from on the spot ECG through to 24 hour Holter and ambulatory blood pressure monitors.


A Holter monitor is a portable medical device which records your cardiac activity, for 24 hours, as you go about your daily routine. Modern monitors are lightweight and worn in a pouch around your neck and are particularly useful in identifying cardiac arrhythmias which may be short lived, intermittent or asymptomatic.

For important test information, please download and read our Holter monitor brochure.

Information included:

  • Pre-test preparations
  • While wearing the Holter monitor
  • How to book a Holter monitor test at Clinical Labs
  • What is the cost of the test?
  • When will my doctor have the results?

Download Holter Monitor Brochure

Portable Blood Pressure Monitoring & ECG are also available at Clinical Labs.