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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug-related workplace accidents, lost productivity and absenteeism cost Australian businesses billions of dollars every year. 
At Clinical Labs, we offer accredited drug and alcohol testing which allows you to protect both your employees and business profits by mitigating the risk of employees using recreational drugs and alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Brochure



Why Conduct a Drug test or Alcohol Test?

  • Minimises organisational risk and liability
  • Fewer workplace accidents
  • Reduction in workers’ compensation claims
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased staff morale and productivity


What do we test for?

At Clinical Labs we offer laboratory screening and confirmation of all drug classes included in AS/NZS 4308-2008:

  • Cannabinoids (i.e. marijuana)
  • Amphetamine substances (i.e. speed, ecstasy)
  • Benzodiazepines (i.e.valium)
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates (i.e. heroin, morphine)

Laboratory testing for the following drugs is also available upon request:

  • Barbiturates
  • Oxycodone
  • Buprenorphine methadone
  • Alcohol



Flexible Collection Options

At Clinical Labs, we offer your organisation more flexibility with two collection options. Choose which method of collection suits your organisation and employees.  

On-site drug testing – A time-saving collection method that also allows for earlier detection of affected employees. Either a urine or saliva sample can be used for analysis, with urine being the ‘gold standard’ and more cost-effective. Our on-site urine drug-testing collection procedures and kits are AS/NZS 4308-2008 compliant. Sample containers are tamper-evident and initial results are available in 5-10 minutes. Our breath alcohol equipment is AS 3547-1997 accredited.

Accredited Clinical Labs Collection Centre – Simply provide your employees with a referral form to visit a conveniently located Clinical Labs Accredited Collection Centre (ACC). All urine drug screens collected at a Clinical Labs ACC are supervised collections, with full AS/NZS 4308-2008 testing conducted in our secure toxicology laboratories. We also offer collection services to AS/NZS 4308-2008 standard at many of our ACC’s.



Samples will be transported to our secure central toxicology labs, via a strict chain of custody, for analysis and confirmation of all non-negative results. The analysis of all Drug & Alcohol Testing pathology samples is conducted in our state-of-the-art NATA-accredited toxicology laboratories under the supervision of our expert RCPA-accredited pathologists.



Laboratories – Fully AS/NZS 4308-2008 accredited laboratories for screening and confirmation of all AS4308 drug classes and metabolites.

Urine Kits – Clinical Labs supplies and uses AS/NZS 4308-2008 compliant urine-testing kits.

Alcohol testing and breath alcohol equipment - AS 3547-1997 accredited equipment.

On-site drug-testing collection procedures - AS/NZS 4308-2008 compliant.

For more information on the drug and alcohol testing services offered by Clinical Labs, download the brochure below.  

Drug & Alcohol Testing Brochure



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For a tailored drug-testing solution to suit the needs of your business, please email the Clinical Labs Commercial Team in your state.