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Skin Pathology

At Clinical Labs, we provide leadership and diagnostic excellence across all of our specialities, and our commitment to skin pathology is no exception.

Clinical Labs provides a highly personalised, bespoke service through the development of strong consultative relationships with referrers – working together with you to provide the best possible care for your patients. Our dedicated skin pathology team have access to advanced testing technologies to assist in providing definitive diagnoses. Our dedicated team of experienced skin pathologists is focused on providing you with an exceptional skin pathology service. Inspiring you with trust and confidence, our team will go the extra mile to achieve the best diagnosis for your patients.

Sending patient skin samples to Clinical Labs for diagnosis will give you:

  • Access to our specialised skin pathology team for all clinical enquiries
  • Accurate, clear and consistent diagnostic reporting
  • Personalised consultation for complex cases
  • Regular and relevant clinical updates and informative resources
  • Access to our RACGP-approved Skin Excision Evaluation Program

Below you will find a series of educational clinical articles, written by our expert skin pathologists, covering areas of skin disease including basal and squamous cell carcinomas, melanoma and inflammatory skin conditions. We hope you find this content valuable in your practice.

Biopsy Best Practice: Common pitfalls for BCCs, SCCs, melanocytic lesions and ulcerated skin by Dr Joel Pinczewski

  • Dr Pinczewski explains how both the clinical information and biopsy type provided to pathologists are critical in ensuring a correct diagnosis.

Suspicious Pigmented Skin Lesions - Melanoma and Dysplastic Naevi by Dr Jenny Grew and Dr Janez Cernelc

  • Contains recommendations from the Cancer Council guidelines for the diagnosis and management of melanoma and the WHO Classification of Skin Tumours (2018).


  • A Q&A between Clinical Labs Anatomical Pathologist Dr Gabriel Scripcaru and Skin Cancer Practitioner Dr Emily Shaw, designed to promote discussion between general practitioners and pathologists to optimise skin cancer management. 

Accurate Diagnosis of Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinomas in General Practice by Dr Gabriel Scripcaru and Dr Predrag Nikolic

  • Contains information on clinical and high-risk features, biopsy recommendations and management.

Inflammatory Skin Disorders: A practical approach to biopsy diagnosis by Dr Jenny Grew

  • Includes information on lichen planus, granuloma annulare, discoid lupus erythematosus, porokeratosis and Grover disease.

Skin Biopsy: Lesions and inflammation by Dr Jenny Grew

  • Includes information on recommended biopsy type for non-pigmented discrete lesions, pigmented lesions, rashes/inflammatory conditions and alopecia.


Melanoma is a type of cancer with which Australian general practitioners are, unfortunately, all too familiar. Melanoma is responsible for 67% of all skin cancer deaths. Approximately 16,800 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma annually and more than 1,300 die from melanoma each year – that's one person every six hours.

Join thousands of general practitioners nationwide and register for our Skin Excision Evaluation Program today!

Our Skin Excision Evaluation Program will provide you with a truly educational experience, by analysing your diagnostic skill for identification of high-risk lesions. Improve your skills to provide your patients with earlier detection rates and achieve better patient outcomes. Our unique program will enable you to submit provisional diagnoses for cases where histological evaluation is needed. You can contact our pathologists personally if you have any questions along the way.

As you progress through our exclusive program, your results will be made available to you via a monthly Skin Excision Evaluation Program report, which highlights your performance against that of your state and national peers, while maintaining the confidentiality of all clinicians.

Earn 27.5 CPD hours per year

The Skin Excision Evaluation Program is an accredited CPD activity. Participants enrolled in this valuable CPD program can submit both biopsy and excision specimens with a provisional diagnosis, confirming their dermatological diagnostic proficiency.

Annual Criteria for CPD Program Qualification
  • Submit 40 histological samples (recommended) on the specific audit request forms
  • Minimum 12 months since registration
  • Reflection activity completed

CPD Recognition (RACGP & ACRRM)

  • 20 CPD Measuring Outcomes hours per year
  • 5 CPD Reviewing Performance hours per year
  • 2.5 CPD Educational Activities hours per year

For further information or to register today, CLICK on the buttons below.