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Company Profile

About us

Australian Clinical Labs is a leading private provider of pathology services in Australia. Our 86 NATA-accredited laboratories perform over 8 million episodes each year for clinicians and patients within our communities.

At Clinical Labs, we are focused on our mission of combining talented people, and medical and scientific leadership, with innovative thinking and technologies to empower decision making that saves and improves patients’ lives.

Our extensive range of services

Clinical Labs is one of the largest private hospital pathology businesses nationally, servicing more than 90 private and public hospitals, and a trusted provider of choice to some of Australia’s leading private hospital groups.

We perform a comprehensive range of services for doctors, patients and corporate clients including:

  •  Routine pathology tests
  •  Advanced molecular genetics testing 
  •  Harmony NIPT & first trimester screening
  •  Genetic carrier screening
  •  Chemical pathology
  •  Histopathology & cytopathology
  •  Haematology
  •  Allergy & immunology
  •  Serology & microbiology  
  •  Infectious molecular testing
  •  Cardiac testing services
  •  Functional pathology
  •  Veterinary pathology
  •  Commercial drug & alcohol testing

Scientific & technology leadership

Clinical Labs is a leader in molecular testing and new technologies. Our investment in science and technology has enabled us to re-shape traditional pathology with innovations in precision and personalised medicine. We support doctors, specialists and hospitals through innovative apps and technology built specially to help manage patients’ health, quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

Talented people

Clinical Labs employs over 3,800 employees including more than 90 RCPA-accredited pathologists and 500 scientists. We operate a network of almost 1000 accredited collection centres in all Australian states, but Tasmania, ensuring they are conveniently located to our patients.