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Environmental Water Testing

Environmental Water Testing

Recognising that water is both vital to life and prone to contamination, we offer comprehensive water testing. Our tests assess the microbiological quality of a range of waters.

At Australian Clinical Labs, we can test for:

  • Legionella – found in industrial waters such as cooling towers, evaporative coolers and ice. 

The current Scope of Accreditation for our Water Laboratories in Clayton (Vic), Bella Vista (NSW) and Wayville (SA) may be viewed on the NATA website, www.nata.com.au.

Turn around times:

  • Legionella - 7 to 10 days from testing
  • Ecoli/Coliforms - 1 to 3 days from testing
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa - From 2-10 days from testing
  • Total Plate Count - Up to 2 days from testing

Samples must be:

  • Suitably labelled
  • Held in a sterilised, leak-proof container
  • Tested within 24 hours of collection
  • 100ml minimum sample for Total Plate Count or Legionella
  • 500ml minimum sample for Coliforms/E.coli/Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Sample must be put on ice or chilled at 2-8 degrees (must not be frozen).