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    March 2024

    Featured articles include The Rise in STIs Post-COVID, Bulk-Billed Genetic Carrier Screening, and The Role of Calprotectin Testing in the Diagnosis and Management of IBD.

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    December 2023

    Featured articles include A Comprehensive Exploration of Thyroid Function Test Interpretation, A Spotlight on Strep A in Children, Signs & Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma – Which tests to order for a timely diagnosis, and New MBS Items for PSA Tests.

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    June 2023

    Featured articles include Antimicrobial Resistance, Iron infusions and hypophosphatemia, MET exon 14 skipping mutation (METex14sk) in lung cancer and Winter and vitamin D.

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    March 2023

    Featured articles include Long COVID: Laboratory investigations to support patient management and Faecal Multiplex PCR: For accurate and timely diagnosis of gastroenteritis.

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    December 2022

    Featured articles include Biopsy Best Practice, ANCA-associated vasculitis and Simplifying the new CPD changes.

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    October 2022

    Featured articles include Monkeypox: Testing, diagnosis and clinical management, Expanded self-collection of HPV samples: Understanding the changes to the National Cervical Screening Program, Aspect Liquid Biopsy: Analysis of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in cancer patients and Practice Risk Management: Importance of out-of-hours contacts for critical pathology results.

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  • pathology-focus-june-2022-vic-cover-1083x424pxjpg

    June 2022

    Featured articles include New diabetes diagnosed post COVID-19, Primary aldosteronism: A collaborative approach for diagnosis in hypertensive patients and a GP Connect Q&A on the significance of DFS70 in testing for SARDs.

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    March 2022

    Featured articles include, Influenza, RSV and other seasonal respiratory viruses: Projections for 2022, Recovery following COVID-19 infection: How investigative pathology tests can help and CASE STUDY: Radiation gastropathy associated atypia.

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  • pathology-focus-dec-vic-cover_1083x424px2jpg

    December 2021

    Featured articles include Pharmacogenetic testing for optimised drug treatment outcomes, Vitamin B12: Testing for the diagnosis of deficiency in general practice and Understanding neutropenia in general practice.

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    September 2021

    Featured articles include, Calprotectin testing for the diagnosis and management of IBD, Reproductive genetic carrier screening, Assessing allergy in clinical practice, Providing your patients with the gold standard in cardiac health diagnostics (not available in WA) and New thyroglobulin antibody assay.

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    June 2021

    Featured articles include, Enhanced role of Respiratory Pathogen PCR: New player disrupts established seasonal patterns, Syphilis: An old enemy returns, The issue of iron deficiency in women and The end of winter is the ideal time to test patients for vitamin D deficiency.

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    March 2021

    Featured articles include The true impact of Australia's COVID-19 lockdowns on critical health diagnoses, Targeted approach versus genome-wide non-invasive prenatal testing and Minor changes to androgen reference ranges.

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  • vic-cover-landscape-1083x424jpg

    December 2020

    Featured articles include Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A modern diagnostic perspective and QuantiFERON-TB Gold Assay for the Diagnosis of Latent Tuberculosis.

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    September 2020 - Antenatal Edition

    Featured articles include Female Reproductive Hormones and Fertility Testing, Pre-Conception Testing as Preventative Medicine and Non-Fasting Lipids.

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    February 2020 - Skin Cancer Edition

    Featured articles include Melanoma and Dysplastic Naevi, GP Connect Q&A on Skin Cancer and Holter Monitors.

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    December 2019

    Featured articles include Clinical Labs 2019 Highlights and a GP Connect Interview on Lymphocyte Surface Markers.

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    October 2019

    Featured articles include Coeliac Disease: The pathway to an accurate diagnosis and the Clinical utility of Aspect Liquid Biopsy.

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    September 2019

    Featured articles include Diagnosis of BCCs and SCCs in General Practice, Iron Studies and Seasonal Fluctuations in Vitamin D Levels.

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    July 2019

    Featured articles include Influenza 2019 & Respiratory PCR Testing, Early-Onset Pre-Eclampsia Screening and Urea Breath Testing.

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    April 2019

    Featured articles include Thyroid Function Testing, Cardiac Testing in General Practice and More Sensitive Troponin I Testing.

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    December 2018

    Featured articles include Inflammatory Skin Disorders and Hormone Testing.

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    October 2018

    Featured articles include STI Testing and Pregnancy, Planning and Best Practice.

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  • newseltter-strips-july-2018jpg

    July 2018

    Featured articles include Breast Cancer Pathology, Diagnosing Viral Hepatitis in General Practice and Respiratory Pathogen PCR Testing.

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    May 2018

    Featured articles include Liquid Biopsy: The Revolutionary Aspect of Molecular Oncology and Skin Biopsy: Lesions and Inflammation.

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