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Quality Assurance

All Australian Medical Testing laboratories are required by National Association Testing Authority (NATA), to have a quality system that complies with the requirements of ISO 15189:2012. Previously our medical testing laboratories were accredited to AS ISO/IEC 17025. Our company has also gained certification to ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality systems. This is separate to our NATA accreditation.

Our Laboratory Quality System aims to:

  • Maintain consistency across the network of laboratories and collection centers
  • Identify improvement opportunities through the use of internal audits and corrective/preventive actions
  • Provide our customers with a quality service
  • Comply with the requirements of ISO and NATA
  • Our company meets the following management requirements:
  • Operating Quality system
  • Document control
  • Review of requests, tenders & contracts
  • Subcontracting of tests & calibrations
  • Purchasing services and supplies
  • Complaints, corrective & preventive action
  • Control of nonconforming testing
  • Control of records
  • Internal audits (pre-determined schedule)
  • Management review 
  • Our company meets the following technical requirements:
  • Personnel
  • Accommodation and environmental conditions
  • Test methods and method validation
  • Equipment
  • Measurement traceability
  • Sampling
  • Assuring the quality of test results
  • Reporting the results

Every test result is subject to some degree of error. Estimates of measurement uncertainty (MU) provide information about how large this error might be. As such, MU is an important part of a reported result, MU for specific tests are available upon request.



We will aim for continuous enhancement of customer satisfaction through the timely and accurate delivery of the diverse range of diagnostic and analytical services. Where appropriate, and applicable, statutory regulations and accreditation requirements including compliance with AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS ISO 15189, and AS ISO/IEC 17025 are met. We also aim to return value to our customers, commit to appropriate staff training, and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and stakeholders.