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Intestinal Permeability

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Intestinal Permeability

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Product Details

The Intestinal Permiability (IP) test, which is sometimes referred to as the “leaky gut” test, is a non-invasive method for assessing gastrointestinal mucosal integrity. Damage and inflammation of the lining of the gastrointestinal tract (small and large intestine) is common in people with conditions such as food sensitivity, food allergy, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease and dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

The IP test is a challenge test that requires the consumption of Lactulose and Mannitol which comes as part of the test kit. A urine sample is collected after the challenge test and sent to the lab for testing. This testing is suitable for patients needing to assess the health of the gut and in those presenting with the above mentioned conditions.

Kit Contents

• Consumable Lactulose syrup
• Consumable Mannitol powder
• 15ml plastic urine tube
• 5ml plastic eye dropper
• Plastic Specimen bag
• Padded postage satchel
• 24hr Urine collection bottle

Additional Information

• This test requires that you avoid all food and drinks containing fructose, mannitol during the 6 hour collection as these may interfere with results.
• If you are taking medications such as Aspirin and/or Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs such as Naprogesic, Naprosyn or Nurofen, please make sure you note them on the Practitioner referral form
• Avoid all foods and drinks containing fructose and mannitol
• Fructose foods include: All fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks, plus all jams, chocolate and honey (please check food labels carefully for these ingredients).
• Mannitol foods include: Pumpkin, mushroom, beetroot, onion, kelp and it is often used in artificial sweetener in chewing gum and confectionary

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