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Baseline & Adrenal Hormone Profile (Male)

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Baseline & Adrenal Hormone Profile (Male)

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Product Details

The male baseline & adrenal hormone profile is a saliva test.
The Adrenal Hormone Profile monitors changes in the body over one day, measuring the hormones Cortisol and DHEA-S. The Baseline Hormone Profile test is performed from the 6:00am saliva specimen.

Hormones tested in Males
• Oestrone (E1) x1
• Oestradiol (E2) x1
• Testosterone x1
• DHEA-S x1
• Cortisol x 4

Kit Contents

• 4 x 10ml plastic tube
• Plastic sample bag
• Padded postage satchel

Additional Information

This test requires four saliva samples taken over the course of a day. Four sample throughout the day ensures a clearer reading of how cortisol is functioning throughout the day. The times for sample collection are as follows (this can be altered at the practitioner’s discretion).
1. Between 6-8am
2. 12pm (midday)
3. 6pm
4. 10pm

• You do not need to discontinue supplements to complete this test unless directed by your practitioner
• If you use hormone creams, wait 12 hours after the last dose before collecting saliva
• If you use a troche (a small lozenge placed in the mouth) wait 3 days after the last dose before collecting saliva.

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