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Melatonin Hormone Profile

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Melatonin Hormone Profile

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Product Details

The melatonin hormone profile is a saliva test.

Melatonin is secreted with distinct circadian rhythm - stimulated by darkness, inhibited by light and independent of sleep.

To do this test you will need to collect two saliva specimens at their set times given. Due to its circadian rhythm, melatonin must be collected at midnight in the dark (2400) and again on rising (between 0600-0800).

Kit Contents

• 2 x 10ml plastic tube
• 1 x Specimen bag
• Padded postage satchel

Additional Information

• You do not need to discontinue supplements to complete this test unless directed by your practitioner
• The midnight saliva specimen must be taken in a darkened room, with low light if necessary. Bright and/or fluorescent lights will reduce the production of melatonin.
• Test samples are collected at midnight and between 6-8am.

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