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Warfarin Care

Australian Clinical labs offers a dosing service to patients who are on warfarin. Enrolment in the program is dependent on patient, doctor and laboratory understanding their roles and responsibilities in the agreement below.

Requirements for registration are that the patient or career has a mobile phone to receive results, the patient is able to understand and follow dosing instructions, for ongoing home visits an assessment will be required.

Ensuring the dose of warfarin is accurate is paramount to effective management of patients. A patient’s response to warfarin can be affected by numerous factors including lifestyle, diet, other medication, herbal remedies, vitamins, alcohol, and whether or not warfarin was taken on time or a dose was missed. Our collection staff will ask questions to enable our warfarin care doctors to prescribe the correct dose. Warfarin reduces your risk of a clot, but does not eliminate it, if taken incorrectly you can be at risk of haemorrhage even when your INR is within the desired range.

Once a patient is admitted to a hospital, Australian Clinical Labs are not responsible for providing warfarin care, you will need to re-enrol if you are hospitalised. Patients who are repeatedly non-compliant with warfarin care instructions may be discharged from the warfarin clinic, we will contact your doctor to discuss the situation if this occurs.

Warfarin Care Agreement

Australian Clinical Labs Will: 

We Request That The Patient's Doctor Will:

We Request That The Patient Will: 


Provide INR and warfarin dosing in a timely manner


Provide the diagnosis or indication for warfarin therapy


Receive their results by SMS and abide by the condition of service


Contact patients as soon as possible if the INR is greater than 5.0


Provide updates to patients medical history or medication changes as they occur


Abide by our code of behaviour, verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated


Abide by our code of behaviour, verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated


Review the patient every six months to determine the ongoing requirement for warfarin therapy


Take their warfarin dose as instructed and have their INR tested on time as directed by Australian Clinical Labs


Ensure our staff ask and record answers to questions relevant to safe and effective warfarin care at each INR test


Provide a new rule 3 exemption request form every six months to enable continued medicare rebates


Ensure all questions on the pathology request form are answered honestly and correctly


Provide a home visit service to patients who are assessed by Clinical Labs as immobile for up to 4 weeks


Alert Australian Clinical Labs prior to medical or dental procedures if warfarin will need adjusting


Advise the warfarin clinic if there is any changes including:

• Hospital admissions including
short stays

• Any missed doses and when

• New or ceased medications and date
started or ceased

• Bleeding or bruising larger than 2cm

• Upcoming medical or dental procedures
at least 5 days prior

• Warfarin dose is altered by another


Send in a new request for dosing after a patient is discharged from a hospital


Advise the warfarin clinic if they are travelling interstate or overseas


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SMS service work?

You will have a blood test for an INR preferably in the morning, one of our doctors will review your results and prescribe the required dose of warfarin. We will automatically send an SMS to your nominated mobile phone with your INR result, your new dose of warfarin, and when your next test is due.

What should I do if I don’t understand the SMS?

If you are unsure about your instructions in the SMS please phone the Warfarin Clinic on 03 9538 6711

When will I receive the message?

Clinical Labs aims to send SMS within 24 hours of your test, if there is insufficient mobile coverage there may be a delay or failure to receive your SMS.

What if I don’t get an SMS within 24 hours of my test?

If you do not receive your an SMS, take your currently prescribed dose and phone the Warfarin clinic on 03 9538 6711. You should wait at least 24 hours to allow for the message to come through before contacting the clinic.

What happens if I don’t respond to the SMS?

It is essential that you respond to the SMS so we know you have received and understood your warfarin dose and instructions. If you don’t respond within 24 hours we will assume you did not receive the message and will call you or send you a letter. If you repeatedly do not respond or we are unable to send an SMS to your nominated phone number, we may review your continued enrolment in our Warfarin Clinic.

What if my result is abnormal?

If your INR result is too high or too low we will contact you by phone to discuss your results and dose. This gives us opportunity to understand why your INR has fallen outside the target range and advise you appropriately.

What if I am admitted to hospital or I have any other changes to my health?

You must notify the Warfarin Clinic on 03 9538 6711 if you:

  • Are admitted to hospital
  • Discharged from hospital
  • Have any medical or dental procedures
  • Changes to your health
  • Changes to other medications
  • Or your warfarin dose is altered by another doctor.

How do I change my nominated phone number or carer?

Contact the Warfarin Clinic on 03 9538 6711 as soon as possible to change your contact details.

How To Register

Step 1

Complete the registration form and return it to Clinical Labs at the address on the form.

Step 2

Once the registration form has been received by the Warfarin Clinic we will SMS your next result and instructions. You must reply ‘YES’ to confirm you received and understood the message.

Patient Registration Form

Please download the form Here.

It will need to be completed and returned to Australian Clinical Labs using one of the below methods.


Mail: 1868 Dandenong Rd, Clayton, 3168

Fax: 03 9538 6784


In Person: At any Clinical Labs collection centre

Doctor's Registration Form

Please fill out the registration form here and send to Australian Clinical Labs using one of the below methods:

Acknowledgement And Consent


You acknowledge the following:

• Clinical Labs will make every effort to send SMS notifications promptly, however we accept no liability for transmission delays, message failures or if for any other reason you do not receive your SMS notification. You acknowledge SMS is not a guaranteed delivery communication tool. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate mobile phone coverage, network service and to ensure your phone is charged and switched on. If you have not received your SMS notification within 24-hours of your blood test, and have not been contacted by the Warfarin Clinic, please call (03) 9538 6711.

• To continue to remain in Clinical Labs warfarin dosing program, you will be required to follow the instructions in the SMS notification and send a valid ‘YES’ reply via SMS message. The valid reply should be sent as soon as you receive the SMS notification and once you have read and understood the Warfarin instructions. If you do not understand the Warfarin dosage instructions please call Warfarin Clinic as soon as possible on (03) 9538 6711.

• When you send a valid reply, this is confirmation to us that you have understood the Warfarin instructions contained in the SMS. It is your responsibility to take the Warfarin dose as prescribed and have your next test on the due date.

• Your mobile phone service provider may charge you a fee to send the valid reply. For information regarding fees please contact your mobile phone service provider.

• If we have not received a valid reply to the SMS within 24-hours of us sending the SMS notification, we will attempt to contact you by phone or letter with your Warfarin instructions.

• If we repeatedly do not receive a valid reply or we are unable to send a SMS notification to your nominated mobile phone number, we may review your continued enrolment in our Warfarin program. We will notify you and your referring doctor if this occurs.

• You must notify the Warfarin Clinic as soon as possible if you wish to change the mobile phone number that you have registered to receive your SMS notifications.

• It is at our sole discretion to continue to provide SMS notifications and to change the nature of the service to ensure the efficient transmission of your Warfarin instructions. Whenever possible, we will provide notice of our intention to suspend, cancel or amend the service. In certain circumstances, outside of our control (eg. IT systems failure) it may not be possible to give prior notice. In these circumstances, we will contact you as soon as we can.

• The SMS message may not display in entirely on a single screen on small screen phones, you may need to scroll to view the entire message.


• By completing and submitting this form you (and your nominated carer) consent to receiving INR results and warfarin dosing instructions by SMS to your nominated mobile phone number.

• The information provided on this form will be used by Clinical Labs to identify you as a patient enrolled in our warfarin program and to send your warfarin instructions to you via SMS.

• Your privacy is important to us. For more information on how we handle your personal information please refer to the Privacy Policy on our website at

• You acknowledge that if you or your carer withdraw your consent from the SMS notification service, Clinical Labs Warfarin Clinic reserves the right to review your continued enrolment in our program.

• You agree that, if required, Clinical Labs may contact you by phone or letter with your Warfarin instructions in addition to sending you an SMS notification.